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Nutrition Advice for weight loss and health with Metabolic Balance diet plan, combined with Body Contouring, non-invasive stubborn fat removal, skin tightening, cellulite treatments based in Skintelligence, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Skin treatments with Biologique Recherche, Micro-Skin Needling and HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to address fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation, results are instant and long-lasting.
Welcome to my world; the focus is to provide you with natural anti-ageing solutions and nutrition advice to help you lose weight and keep it off long term. By combining the raw active skin care, with nutrition advice and my straight talking honest approach, you will learn to overcome your habits and behaviours that are impacting your current lifestyle and food choices.

Jen explains more about Natural Anti-Ageing Treatments

In-Person and Clinic Treatments and Services

As you are looking to invest in your health and skin it's important you get expert advice. Therefore it is my responsibility to ensure my qualifications are the most recent and relevant,  and that I share my experience with you in an honest and positive way so you receive the high level of privacy and quality of service you expect. My clinical practice is a private, professional, warm and clean treatment room within Skintelligence in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Amber and her team provide laser, hair and tattoo removal services. Hollie, who works next to me, is an award-winning beauty therapist. As a team, we are stronger than most clinics in Leamington as we focus on the highest level of skill, knowledge and expertise in our chosen fields for the customers and our own professional integrity.

Jen Adams - Nutrition


The Nutrition plans are primarily about on weight loss, wellness and skin; Start with my Nutri- Skin e-Book; it is about the importance of what you eat in relation to your weight and quality of your skin.

You want some help to lose weight and gain control of your health,  Metabolic Balance is the most efficient and result driven solution? If you have already had your own nutrition plan and want a more advanced nutrition plan then, Jen’s Online Nutri-Coaching Club is where you need to go to next: Group coaching or 1:2:1 coaching sessions.

Jen Adams - Body

Body Contouring - HIFU

Are you happy with your nutrition, health, and weight and want to look at Body Contouring and Skin Tightening treatments, even Cellulite for the legs then please have a look at the Body pages: Using the most advanced technology called HIFU which is High-Frequency Intensity Ultrasound the treatment plans can be designed bespoke to your needs.

Due to the advancements of in-clinic treatments just one treatment of HIFU generates the same results as up to 6 weeks of 60 minutes individual 3d-Lipo cavitation and Cyrolipolysis treatments. Have you got the time for that?

Natural Skin Care

Your skin quality and structure is essential to any anti-ageing treatment. As a stockist of Biologique Recherche, the famous Lotion P50 is the foundation of the natural skin care used in my clinic, it is raw, active and bespoke to you. 

Results from Skin Treatments are instant and long-lasting, combined with Micro Skin-Needling and HIFU treatments your skin will feel smooth, clear and lifted


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