Jen Adams

Nutritional Therapist

I teach people the importance of nutrition to help them understand why they are struggling with lack of energy, low mood, anxiety, gut health, ageing skin and losing weight. 

Boost energy levels
Improve mood
Reduce anxiety levels
Balance gut microbiome
Keep younger looking skin
Lose weight for future health

Jen says..

I truly believe, investing in your metabolic health is the key secret to your future wealth...

Learn how to improve metabolic health

Food should be nourishing, full of taste and flavour to ensure you have the energy, vitality and motivation to be kind to yourself regardless of the stresses in the day.  


You deserve the freedom of looking in the mirror and liking what you see. It's time we all took responsibility for our own health and discover the truth about the effect our food choices are having on our metabolic health. 


Metabolic Age Quiz

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Metabolic Age Calculator reveals your current Metabolic Health Age in minutes. Learn more about the impact your current food and lifestyle choices are having on your metabolic health.


Ultimate Skin Health Guide

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The secret to good skin is more than just an expensive cream or fancy treatments [but they do help].

Understanding how your metabolic pathways influence the quality of your skin cells will open up a new world of younger-looking skin for you.


Metabolic Health Webinar

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To learn the THREE ways to improve your metabolic health age.

And understand WHY you are struggling with lack of energy, low mood, anxiety, gut health, ageing skin and losing weight.

I want to share with you the nutritional insights into HOW your food and lifestyle choices are affecting your current health.

Functional Nutrition

Hello, and welcome to my world of Online Functional Nutrition, where I focus on metabolic health for delivery of energy, liver cleansing and optimising gut health to look and feel fabulous everyday. 

As a nutritional therapist first, then a skin health expert and a coach my roles are to teach those who want to learn more about the importance of nutrition and how to improve their functional health. 

The main outcome is to gain motivation and momentum to eat what is right to improve energy, gut function, skin tone, and gain mental clarity to have the willpower to maintain long-term optimal metabolic health.

Is it time for you to learn more about your metabolic health? Are you ready to learn how to lose a few pounds, manage hormones and improve immunity by changing what, how and when you eat? 

This is NOT another diet; it's an education on eating what is right for you, your family and your lifestyle. Let me explain, watch the video to learn more.

Functional Nutrition Advice

If we haven’t met in the  Health Club, let me introduce myself I am Jen Adams - A Registered Nutritional Therapist , Skin Health Expert and Nutrition Coach. I'm also an unofficial Lindt Dark Chocolate and Champagne chief taster for Sainsbury's.

metabolic age calculator


Learn more about your Metabolic Health Age and how it influences your future health. 

Functional Nutrition Coach

There is so much to be said about your nutrition and skin health and how we can all help ourselves by taking care of our metabolic and skin health with the food we eat and the skincare products. This has been my passion for quite some time now, and I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with anyone who wants to learn more.

As an Online Nutritionist for Weight-Loss I specialise in teaching nutrition online to people who to lose weight and do not want to just follow a diet but who are worried about their health and want to learn how to create their own nutrition plan that is right for their family and lifestyle.

As a Skin Health Expert, the focus is on sharing my nutrition knowledge to help people understand more about how their food choices also impact the quality of the skin and that skincare is not limited to just putting creams and serums on your skin.

Register to watch Metabolic Health Webinar, it's FREE and quite an eye-opener in comparison to the normal nutrition advice.

You will learn what your Doctor WONT tell you and your personal trainer does NOT know!

Metabolic Health Webinar

Learn the truth about the food you eat and it's impact on your future metabolic health.

Register NOW for FREE webinar and learn the three most important ways that will improve your metabolic health.

Skin Health Clinic

As well as the online nutrition courses take a look at my Skin Health Clinic. You can book online for a skin rejuvenation treatment.

There is also an online shop where you will find the Professional Skin Care Fillmed products and Rejuvenated collagen shot supplements and metabolic health nutrition liposome-based supplements from Goldman Laboratories 


For Micro-needling, Mesotherapy [Nano-Soft], Radio Frequency Microneedling, HIFU Facelift or non-surgical facelift, and HIFU Body sculpting treatments in private skin clinic Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.


Natahsa Invanova

Jen researches every treatment thoroughly, she wouldn’t dream of trying anything on a client before thoroughly testing it, often on herself. And she offers regular clients the chance to try out new treatments so that she can make sure they’re happy with them.She researches everything and knows why something works and who it will work for. She explains everything in detail too – I trust her because she’s so knowledgeable and professional.

Your Health Club

Join me in the member's hub for a regular glass of collagen or champagne to learn my open and honest approach to improving your metabolic and skin health.

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