Appointment and Treatment Plan
Cancellation Policy

Set out below are the terms which Jen Adams provides service to clients, so please ensure that you have read and fully understood them before booking any treatments with Jen Adams.

Cancellation Terms

If you are unable to attend, please contact Jen Adams direct on 07970 748001. You can re-arrange a date up to 24 hours before, for example, an appointment booked on a Friday at 11am can be re-arranged at the latest by Thursday at 11am without penalty (loss of deposit or treatment from your plan).

Re-Arrange Booked Treatments

If you need to re-arrange the date or time of an appointment, please text or call Jen on 07970 748001. The appointment will need to be re-booked within 7 days of the original date without penalty. Furthermore, appointments can be only re-arranged up to 3 times. On the 3rd time, a further charge of £25 will be taken from the card. Failure to attend 3rd appointment will result in a penalty.

Late Arrival or Child Care

Late arrival may result in reduced treatment time or forfeiting of the appointment. Any client who brings a child with them must also be accompanied by another adult to chaperone the child while the client is receiving treatment if not previously agreed or discussed with Jen Adams. Failure to bring an adult chaperone with any child will result in a penalty. No children under the age of 16 years must be left unattended within the clinic at any time.

Deposits and Consultation Fees

Deposits or full payment for skin or body treatments may be requested at the time of booking. A consultation fee of £50 may be requested to secure a complimentary consultation appointment date and time. This cost will be deducted from your treatment plan when booked from the consultation or refunded once you have attended if we decide to not proceed with nutrition courses and coaching.

How to Pay

Credit card or visa payment are accepted. Cheques are not allowed; however, bank transfers are an option and can be discussed at the time of booking.

Treatment Plans - Cooling-off Period (7 days)

Most nutrition courses of a minimum of three treatments and are paid-in-full or a monthly payment plan is set up after the first treatment for the agreed duration.

There is a 7-day cooling-off period that applies from the date of the first payment

The full price of the nutrition therapy session will be payable with the remaining monies will be refunded. For example, Metabolic Diet Plan, consultation and access to the content will have been completed and/or granted therefore if you wish to change your mind within 7 days of the cooling-off period then £195 will be deducted and the remaining balance refunded via the original payment method.

If you need to cancel or re-arrange any further sessions, the cancellation terms apply. If you do not attend the penalty will be one treatment deducted from the plan. The success of online nutrition course is relevant to the number of weeks and attendance to sessions conducted over 12 weeks.

Therefore not attending and cancelling sessions will impact the results of your nutrition plan. Any sessions left untaken after 6-months from completion of the 12-week treatment plan will be forfeited.

Full Refund - Treatment Plans

All online nutrition courses are only refundable (post-cooling-off period of 7 days) for medical reasons with a doctor's note. However, any refund is calculated by deducting the full listed price of all sessions already taken, minus any penalties, from the total, paid. The difference is returned to you by the method you made the payment.

Monthly Subscription Memberships

Coaching Club Monthly subscription payment plans; they are for a minimum of 12 months, payable on the same date each month from your selected, verified card. Your nutrition plan will be discussed with you and explained before you commit to the subscription.

Cancellation and re-arranging session terms apply.

Each subscription is for 12 months to achieve the membership status for the benefits. You can upgrade to the next level within any 12 month subscription period, however, you cannot downgrade until the end of the 12-month plan.

Jen Adams is the trading name for Jen Adams Ltd: Registered company number: 8653260