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Slowing down effects of ageing

A functional approach to slowing down the effects of ageing skin?

It’s a term used to describe the functionality of your aging skin

The quality of your aging skin can be measured by how effectively your skin cells are able to communicate with each other throughout the layers of your skin.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It’s very clever, but it’s also very lazy.

To keep your skin healthy and active, you need to keep stimulating them under a controlled inflammatory response, encouraging collagen production, and presenting them with recognisable essential active ingredients to encourage skin cell turnover, growth, and repair.

Slowing down effects of ageing

Your skin cells like simple direction and need constant encouragement to keep progressing forward through their life cycle to reduce premature skin aging.

The primary function of the skin is to serve as a doorman or gatekeeper: Keep out the riff raft and allow those on the list into the party.

For example, whatever you put on your skin, your new skin cells need to recognize and understand what to do with it if they’re going to let it in.

I’m Jen Adams, and thanks to my wealth of knowledge and experience as a personal nutritionist and aesthetic skin therapist, I want to share my functional approach to slowing down the accelerated aging process with you.

To help you understand what you can do to reduce premature skin aging without resorting to cosmetic treatments such as botox or dermal filler to get younger looking skin.

What affects my skin health?

The skin’s main functions are to protect, regulate and sense changes. The skin has various layers, the two main ones are the epidermis and dermis.

  • Protect: internal organs from infection and injury
  • Regulate: what can be absorbed and what can leave
  • Sense: threats to homeostasis

They both have different roles to play in communicating from the inside out and then the outside in.

This communication is influenced by the immune system via the gut and endocrine system triggered by your metabolic pathways.

Your metabolic health regulates your skin health and can reduce the signs of early ageing – Read more

As skin ages, this communication slows down and also picks up about habits during the aging process.

Healthy skin is designed to keep out viruses, pathogens, air pollution, and toxins to protect your internal organs.

The threats that constantly challenge the skin’s external structure in the form of injury are cuts, grazes, and burns. As these interrupt the skin’s surface and provide infection and chronic disease control.

Hence why your immune system is so present when your cells divide and are part of the healthy aging process

In your epidermis layer are Keratinocytes, these play an essential role in protection, as they form a tight barrier that prevents foreign substances from entering the body while regulating the loss of moisture, heat, and harmful UV rays.

Keratinocytes produce a wide variety of Cytokines in response to threats to the homeostasis in your skin cell. They mediate immune responses, reduce inflammation, wound healing, and tissue repair such as the growth and development of new cells.

The skin will also sense changes in temperature, pressure, and pain which are all important messages that need to be relayed to the brain for interpretation.

What influences the signs of aging skin?

  • Poor blood sugar balance
  • Absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Ability to stimulate tissue repair
  • Cell membrane strength

To keep healthy skin and active you need to keep an eye on all of these elements collectively as they influence the skin cell life cycle which encourages a more youthful appearance and slows down the aging process.

Poor blood sugar balance is more than just a well-balanced diet and reducing refined carbohydrates. It is about the three elements of your metabolic health.

The three main metabolic pathways that influence signs of aging are delivery of energy in your cells, clearance of toxins from the food you eat and the skin products you put on your skin, and absorption of nutrients from a balanced gut microbiome.

If there is a lack of blood sugar control, your skin health will be affected as these metabolic pathways influence your skin cell membrane health and impact the signs of intrinsic aging on your skin.

Research suggests that your blood sugar levels cause deep wrinkles, blemishes, and thick sagging skin.

The absorption of vitamins and minerals is both internally (dermis) and externally (epidermis). The health of each skin cell must have the ability to absorb the proper nutrients from healthy foods you eat, and to activate the ingredients in your anti aging products to slow down the effects of aging.

When presented with ingredients that are recognisable by the immune system they are utilised to create new skin cells, with strong membranes, and able to complete their life cycle without much delay.

However, if either the gut or skin microbiome pH is imbalanced your skin cells will struggle to recognise the nutrients presented to them, especially if they are not familiar to the body.

This will trigger an immune response as a stressor to the unknown ingredients in your healthy foods and skin care routine.

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The ability to stimulate tissue repair is about the reaction to the immune response and the creation of inflammatory markers to repair the skin layers.

However systemic or chronic inflammation in the outer layers of the skin is not a good thing, as this shows that the skin cells are struggling to repair, as seen in psoriasis and eczema skin conditions.

But not all inflammation is bad for the skin, as controlled stimulation of the immune system can create more collagen and elastin, as a result, will address the lack of skin tone or laxity as we age.

Take a look at the 5 best non-invasive skin treatments that stimulate collagen production.

Cell membrane strength provides protection against external factors such as harmful UV rays, allergens and toxins both in your food, the air you breathe and the products you put on your skin are essential for slowing down the early aging process.

Remember your skin is designed to keep this out but also to absorb essential ingredients, such as vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and active ingredients required to protect its life cycle.

Any disruption to this will cause stress in the skin cell life cycle, as a result, they will either speed up or slow down resulting in dry, flaky, itchy red skin preventing the cell from creating strong protective membranes that can protect internal organs.

People often find themselves questioning why their skin is dry and irritated despite having a good skincare routine. More often than not, the issue is that they are disturbing their skin’s natural barrier, known as your acid mantle by using the wrong anti-ageing products.

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So once the skin cell membrane and acid mantle are damaged, popular skincare can actually cause even more harm.

Our skin’s microbiome is incredibly delicate and failing to care for it properly can cause extrinsic ageing. If you try to treat the ageing process without addressing what is causing it, you’re unlikely to slow down the speed of skin ageing.

The functional approach to slowing down effects of ageing

Therefore, if slowing down effects of ageing skin is your focus, then its time to look at the overall health of your skin cells, rather than relying on a pot of cream that is recommended for your skin type, you need to take a step back and look at why you have various symptoms that create the type of skin.

To keep skin age healthy and active, you need to keep stimulating them under a controlled inflammatory response, to stimulate collagen production and present them with essential active ingredients the cell recognises to encourage skin cell turnover, growth and repair.

Getting older might be an inevitable process, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to reduce the effects of ageing skin.

These visible signs of ageing skin aren’t just superficial, they’re much deeper than what you see on the surface of your skin.

So, if you think just focusing on your skincare routine and a beauty facial when you get your nails done is enough to keep those wrinkles at bay, you’re sadly very wrong especially as start to pass 40 years old.

In summary, your skin health is a functional approach to slowing down the effects of ageing rather than choosing only your anti ageing products based on a skin type.

Your skin health is influenced by your overall health, so don’t take it for granted.

There are various factors that influence the quality of your skin health such as the speed of your skin cell turnover, the ability to absorb and utilise the nutrients in from gut and in skincare products, and the efficiency of your immune system to protect and repair your skin membrane are the key secrets to improving your skin health.

This will give you a much better chance of reducing the visible signs of ageing and keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

So, if you want to know how to keep your skin looking younger for longer, it’s time to focus on more than just using the best skin care products or getting regular facials.

In conclusion, if you want to know how to keep your skin looking younger for longer, it’s time to focus on more than just using the best skin care products, getting regular beauty facials or looking for alternative aesthetic solutions.

The functional approach to reducing the effects of ageing is to look at your overall metabolic health, focus on stimulating collagen production via a controlled inflammatory response and ensure you’re providing your skin cells with the essential active ingredients they need to function properly.

What to do next, do you want to improve your skin health but are unsure where to start?

My advice is to take my skin health quiz to find out your current skin health score.

The result will help you understand your current skin health score and give help you know the best place to start when looking to slow down the effects of ageing skin – and claim your copy of the FREE Ultimate Skin Health Guide which will give you detail on the 3-Step Method and nutrition advice to help you reduce the effects of ageing at home naturally.

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