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Would you like to learn how to achieve your ideal weight and keep it off long-term without ever counting a calorie ever again?

I am Jen Adams, my role is to help people who are ready to stop cravings, binge eating and dieting to reduce health risks and improve their future metabolic health.


My guess is if you have made it here is that means you are ready to learn how to stop the cravings and want to understand how your food chocies can balance your blood sugars so you can feel energised and motivated each day to achieve your goals...

...And you’re ready to see how I can get you there like I’ve done for so many people over the last decade.

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with me personally...

You might be wondering, why book a health check if I just want to lose weight? 

This is NOT a Diet is an Education

You’re actually receiving a FREE introduction to understanding how your current food choices are impacting your cravings and blood sugars.

During the call, we will get clear on where you’re currently at with your weight-loss journey and how this is impacting your day, to where you want to go, and we’ll build a plan on how you will get there.

We'll dig deep into how you're current food and lifestyle choices are impacting your changing of success to achieving your ideal weight, and explore how you can make changes to fuel your metabolism to improve your metabolic health

After this call, not only will you receive clarity on specifically what needs to happen, we’ll also both know if we’re a good fit to work together.

As a functional nutritionist, the focus is to teach you about nutrition to balance your blood sugars to improve your metabolic health. As it is only me, I am very selective about who I work with so please make sure to read the “Who This Is For” before you book a call if you’re interested in the Metabolic Reset Method of creating your own personalised nutrition solution.

Who this IS for...

You already understand that nutrition is an essential part of your future health.

You understand the importance of putting your health first and the power of investing in education to achieve your goals

You want to lose weight and stop yo-yo dieting as it's affecting your mood, focus and energy levels.

You want to invest in your health to improve your mental clarity to either; grow your business, boost career opportunities or improve your marriage or relationships.

You feel that improving your food choices is not a Monday to Friday activity, but a major priority in your life - every day of the week.

You want to improve your overall nutrition so you can achieve your personal goals and live a better life.

Who this is NOT for...

You believe that calories in calories out is the best way to manage your weight.

Have already had a clear nutrition plan and believe it is perfect for you.

You are looking for a silver-bullet solution that will bring results overnight.

You’re not in a position to invest in your education about health right now.

You are juggling about 10 other events in your life and this is a priority but you are not really in a position to make a change.

You don’t care about truly helping yourself and learning how to improve your health meaningful, you just want to lose weight!

Once you lose weight you will eat what you want again.

Book Metabolic Health Check

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I need this!”, I invite you to schedule your health check.

A typical rate for a call like this is £195.

But today you can schedule your health check for FREE with Jen.

You can only book this call once so please take the opportunity to get the answers to your questions about your current and future health, such as why can't I lose weight off my tummy? or Why are my energy levels so low?

Full transparency… Just because we have this call does not mean that we will work together and I will provide you with all your solutions.

If at the end of the call I can clearly see that we would be a good fit to work together, I will let you know and discuss the next steps with you.

If I don’t feel like my approach is right for you, I’m going to let you know on the call straight away.

It's all about getting results by learning how to create your own diet plan to lose weight, improve your health, and have fun. As once you hit your ideal weight the work begins in creating your future health.

Just schedule your Online Health Check on my calendar below

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By the end of this health check, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to take control of your cravings and stop yo-yo dieting to lose weight and find your happiness.



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