Longevity Health Expert

I will help you be the version of you that you really want to be...

Whether you are new here or if we have worked together before, you should know first and foremost that I am fiercely dedicated to helping you find your sense of purpose again, mastering self-control and transforming you into the HERO of your story, gain the confidence to live the life you REALLY want and for your happiness to not be defined by what you weigh.

I know that it sounds like a HUGE leap of faith, but I don't take the challenge lightly. In fact, it's one based on my own success and the methods I have used with clients over the years.

The truth is – if you’re willing to learn more about nutrition and trust me to teach you to implement some straightforward tweaks, you could start losing tummy fat while you sleep. Together, we will leverage the power of your existing habits and behaviours to level up your motivation and free you from the daily self-doubt, sabotage and anxiety about social events and future achievements. 

I'm here to show you that feeling positive, confident, and stylish are all within your power. You will discover how to unleash the best version of yourself!

  • 2024 | Functional Testing

    I took understanding blood test results to another level. I started working with Functional DX and LifeCode GX to become a practitioner to advise my clients on creating a truly personalised, healthier lifestyle to improve the quality of their longevity. 

  • 2020 | Health Club

    During lockdown and struggling with my back, while stuck at home in bed, I studied how to create the coaching membership and online course. The result is the Metabolic Reset Methods for coaching and the self-study online nutrition course Metabolic Diet Plan.

  • 2019 | Skin Health Clinic

    After many years of sub-letting rooms in other people's clinics, I created my own space in Park Street Leamington Spa. My happy place as I love the wallpaper so much! 

  • 2012 | Registered Nutritional Therapist

    Graduated from Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) - eventually! As a Metabolic Balance practitioner, I found functional health and testing a great way to help clients with individual nutrition advice. 

  • 2010 | Skin Aesthetics Therapist

    Started Microneedling and HIFU Face Lift Skin Treatments. 

  • 2008 | Left Retail Banking

    Started as a mortgage adviser for NatWest, many years ago, at HSBC became a financial advisor {met Steve - he was my boss} and then had five successful years at HBOS. Loved it!


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The motivation is to check if my approach to teaching you about nutrition and personal coaching to move forward and transform into the person you want to be is right for you?

Health longevity Therapist

My mission is to move you away from feeling lost, guilt, shame to having confidence, belief and focus on what you can do to become your best version of you...

I help people find their motivation, willpower and determination to go beyond achieving their ideal weight, to unleashing the version of themselves they gave up on.

My approach has been tested by clients over the years as they face lifetime events and overcome emotions that in past have stopped them in their tracks.

And you know what? The METHOD is simple and easy when you are ready...

The system works, and I’m here to share it with you. So YOU can ditch the dieting grind. You can start making REAL progress by improving your metabolic health.

My Metabolic Reset Methods are the same ones that helped me overcome my eating distress disorder and prevented my weight from spiralling out of control when I was injured and could not exercise as I endured my early peri-menopause years.

Even more importantly, they have created space and freedom in my life that I never experienced in my previous years of dieting to manage my weight.


The problem is – I have an upregulated fat controller, the death by buffet and manic munchies variants on my Metabolic DNA Genes, which means that just counting calories and moving more really does not manage my weight.

Having an upregulated fat controller influences my approach to food as it promotes Grelin production and inhibits Leptin which results in the desire to eat higher calories from sugar and fats, combined with the tendency to have a lower resting metabolic rate, insulin resistance and binge eating disorder means genetically I should be obese.

Due to my genomics, I don't have the stop button, I never feel full. Furthermore, my sluggish metabolism is resistant to releasing stored fat as energy when I am fasting, and if I eat a Keto diet, high in protein and fats, the same variants on my genes will store both as adipose fat on my bottom and thighs.

I thought that dieting was the solution to everything

Do you know where that led me? Straight to my lowest point as a nutritional therapist.

When I slipped a disc in my back, I knew I could not exercise for a few months and that this was going to be a trigger for what my genetics wanted me to be - obese!

The fight was over and I was doomed.

It was an awful feeling, I was in so much pain, felt out of control and was fearing the future me. I was scared about how much weight I was going to gain and how that was you going to impact work.

How long was it going to take to get back on my feet? I have two businesses to run, one of them is a Skin Health Clinic where I stand all day doing skin treatments and the other is a Metabolic Health Expert helping people to lose weight.

The biggest issue was actually the breakthrough.

How can I take the pain away as I refuse to take medication? That's when I realised I could not take the pain away but I could still control what I put in my mouth.

Our biggest wake-up calls always come when life is out of control!


The ONLY thing I had complete control over was what I put in my mouth {dont be rude}

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The motivation is to check if my approach to teaching you about nutrition and personal coaching to move forward and transform into the person you want to be is right for you?

Longevity Wellness Specialist

I had to change the way that I was eating AND change my beliefs about exercise. For me, my eating distress behaviours had to be addressed, because they were going to get worse during recovery. My fear was how could I be an expert in weight loss if I was managing my weight this way.

I felt I was a fraud and about to be exposed...

Everything had to change, so I completely shifted my mindset from aiming to be perfect to accepting that I could be happy regardless of what I weighed.

And, as it turns out – My partner Steve, friends and family love me no matter what I weigh – the only person who did not was me. So I had to work out WHY this was, what did I tell myself each day that made me believe I would only be happy when I was tinner... (Perfect)

Once I got to the bottom of my internal fears and truly understood who I was, this enabled me to make the changes to my life that gave me the FREEDOM to be who I really was.

So I have no fancy before or after photos or a big weight loss story to share, all I have is the METHOD I used to discover who I was and learnt how to be kind to myself and master my self-control which has given me the confidence to really help my clients, as I am not a fraud, I am just human...

The biggest reward for me is seeing clients create FREEDOM and SPACE in their lives as they discover at a time when life seems against them, their own self-belief to achieve what they really want in life.

It’s crazy – in sometimes as little as a few weeks, I’ve seen them go from believing happiness can only come when they lose 2 stones to discovering that when they eat what is right for them, they feel in control as know they have a choice which makes them feel supercharged, excited, and achieving their wildest goals and loving life.

ALL without regular weigh-in sessions, counting calories, points or syns.

How did they do this? What is the “METHOD” I’m talking about?

Via the Online Health Club, these clients have mastered self-control, stopped restrictive eating and now have learnt why, what and when to eat that is right for them and have discovered happiness at an ideal weight that gives them the confidence to wear the clothes they want.

And they’ve experienced personal and emotional FREEDOM along the way.

Nothing compares to helping people reach their own versions of success.

I believe that I will always be a working progress, as I have learnt recently there is no such thing as perfection, just progression.

As of today, I like myself and I am happy even when nobody is looking, which has prepared me for whatever late peri-menopause years want to throw at me.

I love who I have become. And I want that for you too.

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The motivation is to check if my approach to teaching you about nutrition and personal coaching to move forward and transform into the person you want to be is right for you?