Online Metabolic Age Calculator reveals your current Metabolic Age in minutes.

Learn more about the impact your current food and lifestyle choices are having on your metabolic health.

Your metabolic age is a key indicator of the effects your current food and lifestyle choices are having on your metabolic health.

Knowing our Metabolic Age is one of the best ways to assess if you need to improve your metabolic health.

What is My Metabolic Age?

Our Metabolic Health determines how well our bodies metabolise energy and nutrients from the food we eat.

Your metabolic age indicates how well your body's metabolism is functioning relative to your chronological age. A younger metabolic age suggests that you are doing something right!

However, if your metabolic age is more than 10 years than your actual years, it may be a sign to make changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Lifestyle factors such as physical activity, sleep patterns, stress levels and nutrition can all influence our metabolic age. Making simple changes to these areas can give you the opportunity to improve your metabolic health and reduce your risk of metabolic disorders, like diabetes and heart disease.

Find your metabolic health age - use the online Metabolic Age Calculator and answer a few simple health and lifestyle questions.

It only takes 5 mins to find out and could help you understand if you need to change your current approach to healthy eating.

If your Metabolic Health Age is equivalent to or lower than your actual age, then that is great news! This means your blood sugar levels, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein, (HDL) cholesterol, blood pressure and waist circumference are potentially all within an ideal range.

However if your Metabolic Health Age is more than 10 years your actual age, you could be prone to some or all of these conditions as these are all markers that directly relate to your risk of pre-diabetes, fatty liver, dysbiosis, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s likely that your metabolic pathways are under stress and your metabolic age will be higher than your age in years.

  • Female with menopause symptoms

  • Have you tried and failed to lose weight by fasting?

  • Do you enjoy various treats in the week, and especially at weekends?

  • Have gain more than 4cm on you waist over the last two years?

  • Take any prescribed or over the counter medication every day?

Online Metabolic Age Test reveals your metabolic health age in minutes. Learn more about the impact your existing food and lifestyle choices are having on your metabolic health.

Metabolic Age Calculator Online

Are you that person who puts on weight around your middle and find it hard to lose?

This is because our metabolic health age affects the way we burn fat and controls how much and where we gain weight.

Our current lifestyle choices, levels of anxiety and stress, the medication we take, and our sleep patterns all have an effect on our Metabolic Health Age.

These can be measured using my Metabolic Age Calculator Online to give you an understanding of the ageing effects on your metabolic health compared to your actual age or the number on your bathroom scales.

The good news is that if you know what impact your current food choices and lifestyle you know Metabolic Health, you can find the most essential ingredient of any healthy eating plan – willpower and motivation!

The results of my Online Metabolic Health Quiz can help you find a healthy, balanced diet that’s right for you, but more importantly, make you understand how your lifestyle choices, stress levels, hormones and habits affect both your health and the way your body stores and use energy.

How is my Metabolic Health?

Does this typical day look familiar to you? If so then it's time to look at your Metabolic Health Age rather than counting calories if you are trying to lose weight.

  • Morning Coffee

    Do you wake up feeling tired, too late to stop and have a proper breakfast so you just grab a coffee to give you a hit of energy?

  • Working lunch

    Do you snack on something at 11 am,  work through lunch, then feel peckish at 3 pm? So you have a healthy protein bar or fruit to give you a boost  - maybe a bit of cake or some biscuits because you're about to work them off at the gym!

  • Evening meal

    Got back late so you have something quick and easy because you’re too tired and hungry to start chopping veg and cooking from scratch.

  • And relax

    Need a glass of wine to relax? If not for you, most definitely you deserve some chocolate or pudding as its been a long day and you have been good...

  • Bedtime... Time To Sleep?

    Fall asleep on the sofa, then when you finally get to bed, you wake up during the night needing to go to the toilet or having a hot sweat? Then once you’ve got up, do you find it almost impossible to drop back to sleep again?

Why is my Metabolic Health important?

Most people seek nutrition advice just for weight loss. They start new diets, count calories, and deprive themselves of food, but more often they’re actually worried about their long-term health.

Their cholesterol levels are high and so is their blood pressure – they may have seen their doctor, but they’re not ready to start taking medications just yet so what can they do?

I’ve been working with clients like this for over 10 years with great success. They’ve spent months, sometimes years, looking in the mirror and seeing that they’ve put on weight and they wish they could feel motivated and energised enough to ‘just go to the gym' or 'lose a pound or two'.

One of my recent clients was dreading going on her next holiday. In fact, the idea of it was making her quite anxious and depressed. All she could think of was what she could wear to cover her tummy – and the thought of having to wear a bikini or swimsuit was daunting.

But yet, she was constantly on a diet – as far as she was concerned she ate healthy food and didn’t drink anywhere near as much wine as her friends did!  But her tummy was getting bigger and her usual solution of going to the gym just wasn’t working anymore. And now, it was even worse because she was in a lot of pain with her knee when she did try to exercise.

During her consultation, we discussed her ideal weight goal and she wanted to shed two stones which would bring her weight back to under 10 stones. However, we discovered that her real age of 42 years old, yet her metabolic health age was actually 67!

She was horrified because this meant that her body was functioning as a person 25 years older than she actually was.

At this point, the motivation to learn more about her metabolic health went through the roof.

Years of dieting, excessive exercise, and work and family stresses had taken their toll. She finally asked for help from an online nutritionist and now understands how important her metabolic age is for both health and long-term weight loss.

She learnt that her metabolic health is a factor in weight gain and can cause an increase in blood pressure. She also realised that by improving her overall metabolic health she could lose the excess weight without having to rely on willpower alone.

She discovered the unexpected reasons why she was not losing weight and the Six Simple Rules. 

My client is now much better informed not only about her weight loss goals but also about her long-term health and metabolic age.

She went on to lose her two stones, as she’s no longer overwhelmed by what to do because she understands how important it is to make her metabolic health a priority.

So, if you can't understand why you can't lose weight don’t underestimate the power of your learning the truth about the healthy food you eat has on your metabolic health.

Your metabolic health is not just about weight loss, it's about how your body processes and stores energy.

By understanding this fundamental concept, you can take control of your own Metabolic Health and make lasting changes in your life.

Once you understand the importance of Metabolic Health, it's time to take action and make changes that will help you reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle. So, let’s get started!

Does Metabolic Age Affect Weight Loss?

Naturally, as we age, our metabolic pathways slow down.

This doesn’t just cause us to put on weight around the middle, but it also affects our blood sugar levels, our liver function and the quality of our gut flora, or bacteria in the gut.

Regular dieting and restrictive eating such as fasting without proper nutrition can all cause the stress and metabolic hormones that regulate your metabolism to shut down.

These hormones control how your body stores and releases energy from food, and when they become imbalanced it can lead to weight gain, especially around the middle due to insulin resistance.

Over time, especially as we approach menopause years the metabolic pathways become weight-loss resistant.

These can all lead to conditions that make our metabolic health suffer. For example, the long-term effect of an imbalance of blood sugar is diabetes, which often brings with it high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. And it’s worth remembering that commonly, we don’t get just one disease, we get a combination of conditions that can affect our health.

Take Metabolic Health Quiz

Most clients tell me that they struggle with the willpower and motivation to get through the week. And to follow any kind of nutrition plan at the weekend is usually impossible.

But what if you knew the actual consequences of your current lifestyle choices? Would that help you stick to the plan? In my experience, learning their metabolic health age is the one thing that really gives my clients the motivation to change their lifestyle.

By taking my free Metabolic Health Quiz we can calculate your metabolic age – and you can see for yourself how the food that you eat and the habits you’ve formed affect your metabolic health.

Paul - Success Story

Paul found the motivation to change when he discovered his metabolic age
Paul is 6ft 2ins and weighed 16 stone when he came to see me. With a body fat percentage of 35% and a muscle mass of 8st 1lbs, Paul’s metabolic health age was 69 when I first weighed him in a private consultation.

The problem is that he’s only 42! To say he was motivated to make some changes to his behaviours was an understatement.

If you’re lacking the motivation to make changes that can improve your health and lead to healthy long-term weight loss, my advice as a Metabolic Health Coach would be to complete the Metabolic Age Calculator - . You’ll be able to get the same motivation and willpower as my private clients – for FREE

Online Metabolic Age Test reveals your metabolic health age in minutes. Learn more about the impact your existing food and lifestyle choices are having on your metabolic health.

Your metabolic age can be determined by taking a metabolic age test. 

The metabolic age calculation measures various factors such as your dieting history, the amount of weight you need to lose, how active you are and the type of exercise you do. 

The information is then used to compute an estimate of what your current metabolic age is compared to your actual age. 

Taking the metabolic age test can help you to get an idea of the impact your current food and lifestyle choices are likely to have on your future health. 

The consistency and intensity of various everyday external symptoms can be clues to a systemic imbalance in your metabolic pathways, thus giving an indication of your metabolic age. 


A metabolic age of less than your chronological age is often seen as desirable as it means you are in better shape and have healthier lifestyle habits than the average person. 

To get your metabolic age under control, it is important to make sure you are eating, healthy wholesome food, exercising regularly and getting adequate rest. 

Additionally, you may want to consider taking a metabolic age test to get an accurate idea of your true metabolic age and what lifestyle modifications might be necessary for improvements.

Remember, the goal is not just to maintain or lower your metabolic age but also to improve overall health and wellness. 

When it comes to nutrition and lifestyle choices it is important to make smart decisions that will have positive impact on your metabolic age and lifelong wellness. 

Your current age is multiplied by symptom rating factors such as your dieting history, your current weight, activity levels and the type of exercise you do and levels of rest you take. 

Your previous and current lifestyle choices can also affect your metabolic age significantly. For example, if you have poor sleep quality, take daily over-the-counter medications and consume processed food even only at the weekends you metabolic age is an insight into the effect on your health longevity.