Are you tired of wasting time and energy trying to lose weight to only regain it again? 

Do you want to learn how to improve metabolic health and reduce the risk of diabetes and improve immunity? 

If so, its time for you to learn about nutrition and what you eat each day to give you energy, vitality, and mental clarity?

Are you interested? Listen to Jen explain more.. 

  • Boost Your Metabolism

    Make losing weight easier, learn how you can improve your metabolic pathways to boost your metabolism - naturally

  • Improve Metabolic Health Age

    Convert to a fat-burning machine rather than a sugar hunting monster to lose the tummy fat

  • Your Nutrition Plan

    Learn more about nutrition for yourself, so you can create your own nutrition plan with the food you want to eat to feel confident and happy in your clothes - every day!

Learn Online Nutrition Plan

Learning how to balance blood sugar levels, cleanse the liver and improve the quality of the digestive system and gut flora, will give you give the motivation, willpower, and momentum to lose weight easily by enjoying the food you want to eat that is right for you.

This is NOT just another diet; it's an education on eating right for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Learn About Nutrition Online

Are you lacking in energy? Do you wake up feeling unrested and are your sleep patterns all over the place?


Do you constantly start new diets, then fail and put weight back on quickly? Has losing a few pounds here and there become a massive struggle?


If you're over 40, male or female, and you've been carrying too much weight (more than 14 lbs) for a few years, then metabolic health online diet plan is a good option for you.


If you've also noticed some health issues - aches and pains, bloating, food intolerances, IBS, allergies for example - then it's very likely that your metabolic health is out of balance.

Online Diet and Nutrition Course

Not everyone can invest lots of time and money into one-to-one nutritional therapy sessions.


And I know there's a wealth of contradictory information about nutrition and weight loss out there.


It can be overwhelming and confusing and you might be thinking, 'is this just another diet?'


The answer is no! I've perfected a simple and effective way to improve your metabolic health with an online nutrition course.

  • Register for the Weight-loss Webinar. This is an introduction to why your current food choices are affecting your metabolic health and why is it NOT your fault

  • Join the Nutrition Academy to Discover the Truth about how your nutrition is affecting your metabolic health and the Nutrition Basics to create your own nutrition plan and enjoy the perfect plate.

  • The 3-Day Cleanse will give your metabolic pathways the boost and cleanse they need if you are serious about wanting to burn off tummy fat and lose weight to improve your metabolic health..

Why is Metabolic health is important for weight loss?

Learning how to boost your metabolism is the most important part of my metabolic health coaching programmes. It's important for you to understand how it works before you try and lose any weight.


Everyone's different, but once we reach 40 our metabolism naturally slows down. By answering a few questions about your diet and lifestyle in my free 'find your metabolic age' quiz, you can see for yourself how healthy your metabolism is and start to think about how to make improvements to your metabolic health.


Understanding where your metabolism is now is the starting point to help you make changes and take control of your weight. Balancing your blood sugars, cleansing your liver and improving your gut flora is the only way to boost your metabolism and start burning fat

Choose How You Want To
Improve Metabolic Health

Learn The Truth

Register for a LIVE Weight-Loss webinar where you will learn why it’s not your fault you can’t lose weight and what you can do to improve your metabolic health

Boost Your Metabolism

Learn the three most important principles to boost a sluggish metabolism when you’re over the age of 40..

Metabolic Health Club

Come and join the community in the Private Facebook Group for nutrition advice and momentum, motivation to keep fit and healthy 

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