Unlocking Optimal Wellness: The Secrets of Functional Health

Functional Health Approach To Addressing Root Cause Of Symptoms

Improving your functional health encompasses nutrition advice, lifestyle habits, and emotional support, as well as providing you with knowledge on natural skin treatments that will help enhance naturally to slow down the ageing process.

The best approach to imrpoving your health focuses on the root cause of your symptoms.

A functional health approach seeks to address them with your simple food and lifestyle choices rather than treating the symptom with over-the-counter medication, skin products or supplements.

By looking at your current food and lifestyle choices, which may have created habits and behaviours that could be causing your metabolic health concerns.

Gaining an insight into how your body’s metabolic pathways are working, will help to identify the areas you need to focus to help optimise your health.

 Improving Functional Health

If you have arrived here, you’re probably a lady of a certain age who wants to reclaim her health, restore energy levels and find some confidence, all of which got lost somewhere between the beginning of menopause and the habit of putting everyone else first.

You set out each day to eat healthily, get your steps in, do your yoga and get your jobs done, yet at the end of each day, when nobody is looking, you tell yourself that you are fat, frumpy and useless.

You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and lost in a world you have created.

So, what brought you to me today?

  • You have recently seen a picture of yourself and thought you looked better than that
  • Still struggling with menopause symptoms, such as stubborn tummy fat, a few hot flushes, tiredness, and a little brain fog.
  • You wonder if your skincare routine and facials are doing enough to improve your skin tone.
  • Looking in the mirror reminds you a little too much of your Mother.
  • You eat healthily and believe you can do more but get confused and overwhelmed with what to do for the best.
  • Enjoy your exercise classes but feel the aches and pains are getting worse.
  • A recent visit to the doctor left you disheartened with what you can do to address your current symptoms.

Whatever has happened has left you unsure what to do next.

You want to feel fit, healthy and confident inside and out without resorting to old ways of restrictive eating and spending a fortune on supplements or treatments that don’t work.

This is a good job, as one of the things I love to do is to work with people who want to learn how to slow down the effects of ageing naturally! Rather than looking for a quick fix to address a lifelong issue.

Let me introdcue myself… 

Longevity Health Therapist, Jen Adams specialises in combining simple nutrition advice with easy lifestyle changes and sustainable skin treatments to help you discover the root causes of health concerns so that you can navigate your through the overwhelming amount of information on nutrition and skincare.

As once you learn why your skin is suddenly ageing or you have gained tummy fat, it is so much easier to understand what you can do to improve your future health longevity and wellbeing.

Ageing is a natural process, but it doesn’t mean we have to accept feeling unwell or unhappy with how we look as we age.

With the simple and easy to understand knowledge and tools, you can feel empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your well-being so that so you can finally feel in control of your health and appearance as you naturally age.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

So, let me tell you more about being a Longevity Health Therapist …

I love to help those ready to address the root cause of everyday symptoms to improve their quality of life, gain the freedom to understand what foods to enjoy and who they want to be.

After many years of trying every diet to find happiness, I eventually realised that improving my metabolic health by balancing my blood sugars, cleansing the liver and supporting my gut microbiome was the key to managing cravings, stopping binge eating and obsessing about dieting to find my confidence and happiness.

As a teenager in the 80s, looking like Jane Fonda was the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the desire for perfection created an eating distress disorder due to excessive dieting and exercising.

It took me almost two decades to learn how to manage a healthy weight without restriction and eat freely to restore my metabolic health.

Today, I use my knowledge and experience in functional health coaching to empower clients to gain control of their lifestyle choices by learning how to put themselves first and create their journey toward lifelong wellness.

I teach people the fundamentals of nutrition and how to overcome bad eating habits and behaviours to help them improve their metabolic age and understand why they struggle with lack of energy, low mood, anxiety, gut health, ageing skin, and losing weight.

Functional Health Approach to Health Longevity

Due to my different approach to nutrition advice, I prefer to call myself a longevity health expert rather than a nutritional therapist.

My clients learn to take responsibility for their food and lifestyle choices and face the root causes of external symptoms or internal fears that stop them from achieving their desired outcomes and being their true selves.

They also learn about the importance of self-care, mindfulness, and stress management in maintaining their overall well-being.

My clients can see significant improvements in their physical, mental, and emotional health by making small changes to their daily habits and mindset.

Secrets of Functional Health

I believe that each person’s journey towards optimal health is unique and requires a personalized approach.

That’s why I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and challenges. I consider their lifestyle, medical history, food preferences, and goals before creating a customized nutrition plan for them.

My goal is not just to help my clients lose weight or improve their appearance but to empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to make sustainable changes in their lives. This means teaching them about the importance of balanced nutrition, mindful eating, and regular physical activity.

I also offer support and accountability throughout their journey, ensuring they stay on track and motivated to achieve their health goals.

In addition to personalized nutrition diet plans, I also provide guidance on proper supplementation and functional wellness practices. I believe in a wellness approach to health, addressing not just physical but also mental and emotional well-being.

Through my coaching, clients learn how to nourish their bodies with nutrient-dense foods while still enjoying their favourite meals in moderation.

They also learn how to listen to their bodies and make food choices that fuel them rather than restrict them.

My clients have experienced numerous benefits from working with me, including increased energy levels, improved digestion, better sleep quality, reduced inflammation, and weight loss.

But more importantly, they have better understood their bodies and how to take care of themselves in the long term.

I am passionate about helping individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to overall improved health and happiness.

No matter where you are on your health journey, I am here to support and guide you towards reaching your goals.

Together, we will create a personalized plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

With my expertise and your motivation, we can achieve lasting results that go beyond just physical appearance.

Invest in yourself and let’s work together towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself.