Skin Age Calculator

Reveal Your Skin Health Age

The Skin Age Calculator works based on a questionnaire that you answer to determine your skin age and reveal the impact your lifestyle, nutrition and stress levels have had on your skin health.

Your skin health age can determine where best to invest your time and money to naturally slow ageing effects.

  • Nurture your skin most effectively and learn how to tailor your skincare routine and lifestyle for better skin health.
  • Take control of your skin health to feel beautiful as you age.
  • Celebrate beautiful skin with a glowing complexion and natural confidence.

Explore your options with our easy-to-use skin age calculator and learn how to best care for your specific skin type and needs.

Using our skin age calculator, you can discover how to nurture your skin most effectively.

Whether choosing the right skincare products, foods or lifestyle habits, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a glowing complexion and embracing beautiful skin health for years.

What is a good skin age score?

A good skin health age would be less than your actual age, reflecting healthy, well-nourished skin health.

When your skin health age is MORE than your actual age, it’s time to consider a functional approach to slowing down the effects of ageing.

WITHIN ten years, your first step would be to look at your home skincare routine.

When OVER ten years your actual age, your best approach is to look at regular advanced skin rejuvenation treatments combined with a simplified home skincare routine.

How do you check your skin age?

Take our skin age calculator today and get a complete picture of your needs.

The answer you receive will give you a starting point to understand what you need to focus on for a truly healthy and glowing complexion!

After that, if you want to add value to your current home skincare routine, you can claim a free copy of my Ultimate Skin Health Guide to give you more insight into my functional health approach of a simple skin care protocol and the 4-Step Action Plan to related to your skin type to improve your food and lifestyle choices.

Skin health is an essential part of overall health and well-being.

Skin health involves the maintenance of a healthy skin barrier to reduce moisture loss, reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, decrease infection rate, protect us from bacteria and viruses as well as reflect UV light damage.

Achieving optimal skin health involves understanding internal and external factors that can affect it. This includes using regular care products, such as cleansers and moisturizers.

As well as lifestyle habits like sun protection, healthy diet and stress management.

By taking a proactive approach to skin health, you can maintain or even improve your skin’s condition over time.

What is your skin telling you?

Your skin type may be telling you that it needs some extra attention.

We have all been told to buy skin care products related to our skin type, but what if our skin type results from our skin products, food and lifestyle choices, such as not getting enough sleep and medications prescribed by your doctor?

Dehydration, dryness, sensitivity and dullness are all signs that you need to look at your nutrition, liver function and gut microbiome to nourish your skin, not just a new serum or face cream.

The skin age calculator can help you connect health and beauty to understand better what healthy skin needs to look its best!

More often, skin products that claim to improve your skin tone with mild cleansing are too alkaline and will disrupt the delicate pH balance on your skin microbiome.

This can result in dehydration, itchiness and sensitivity.

Learn the THREE ways to slow down the effects of ageing skin

Using natural skin care products that are low in pH can help keep your skin barrier intact to protect itself against external aggressors and improve hydration, reduce redness and restore a youthful appearance.

The outcome will reduce open pores, fine lines, and wrinkles and increase firmness, laxity and tone.

To learn more about what your skin type is telling you about your functional health, watch this video to learn more about the functional skin health approach. What does your skin type say about your skin health?

The functional approach to skin health goes beyond simply looking at skincare products and taking collagen supplements.

It’s about taking a holistic view of skin rejuvenation, such as your food and lifestyle choices, as they all contribute to your skin health.

Nutrition, food choices, hormones, stress levels, sleep quality and digestion can all affect the health and appearance of your skin.

By understanding the impact of each of these components on your skin health age, you can make more informed decisions to keep it looking its best.

The skin age calculator is based on a questionnaire that evaluates your skin type, lifestyle and nutrition habits.

It calculates your skin health age by considering factors such as hydration levels, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and other signs of ageing.

By answering questions about your diet and lifestyle, you will know how to nurture it for optimal health and longevity and what treatments will best suit your needs.

Take our skin age calculator now and see how you can make positive changes in your life and routine to help maintain beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

The skin age calculator will help you better understand your skin health and the steps you need to take to achieve optimal skin health.

It can also give you a personalized assessment of what products, foods and lifestyle habits influence your current skin health and help identify specific needs to prevent further damage to your skin proactively.

By making small changes to your diet, skincare routine and lifestyle habits, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a glowing complexion and embracing beautiful skin health for years.

A skin age calculator will reveal your current skin age based on your everyday food and lifestyle choices.

This will give you some direction on improving skin tone for naturally lifting and tightening ageing skin.

The options are to change your food and lifestyle choices to help maintain skin elasticity and combat signs of ageing, simply your home skin care routine and discover which skin rejuvenation treatments are right for you.

Depending on your skin health age, you can gain access to the ultimate skin health guide which discusses the best skincare practices and which skin treatment protocols are right for you.

Lastly, if you need personalized advice discover how to naturally improve skin tone, resulting in lifted and tighter-looking skin over time.

Remember, changes won't happen overnight, but with consistency and patience, the health and appearance of your skin can significantly improve.

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