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Unlock Your Health Potential with the Metabolic Diet Plan!

The Metabolic Diet Plan is a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that focuses on optimizing your metabolic health.

By understanding how your body processes and utilizes energy, you can make strategic dietary decisions that can not only help you lose weight but also improve your future health.

The future YOU is asking for help now!

So it's time you stopped messing about dieting and start to learn how to improve your metabolic health by doing what is right now!

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Whether you’re just starting to look to lose weight or you’ve been at the eating healthy thing for a while, here’s the truth:

Now more than ever, learning how to create a nutrition plan that is personally right for improving your metabolic health is the most essential action you can take for your future self.

But, like those who have already enrolled in the metabolic diet plan, you might have trouble staying consistent or don’t know where to start.

If that’s the case, consider the metabolic diet plan as the roadmap to get you started in building a simple nutrition plan that is easy to follow and will fit your current lifestyle.

With this tailored nutrition plan, you can finally unlock your body’s full potential and reach the best version of yourself!

The metabolic diet plan is a personalized approach to nutrition that focuses on optimizing your body's metabolism. This means creating a meal plan unique to your body's specific needs, rather than following a generic diet plan.

By understanding your body's unique metabolic needs, you can ensure that your diet provides the necessary nutrients and energy to support your overall health and well-being.

This includes regulating blood sugar levels, balancing hormones, and promoting weight loss or maintenance.

Your Journey to a Revitalized Metabolism Begins Here

The Metabolic Diet Plan isn’t just another fad. It’s a comprehensive online course designed for the health-conscious to learn how to reset metabolic pathways and optimize your gut health for optimal health and longevity.

  • Personal Nutrition Plan

    Customize your meals and eating windows to fit your lifestyle and taste preferences.

  • Metabolic Reset

    Balance your blood sugars to enhance the delivery of energy into cells.

  • Naturally Cleanses

    Supports your liver function for optimal detoxification of toxins.

  • Stimulates Gut Microbiome

    Feeds gut bacteria colony to thrive.

  • Opened Learning

    A functional approach to understanding root causes of symptoms to improve health longevity. 

  • Knowledge

    Empower yourself to make informed choices for sustainable weight loss and long-term vitality.

  • Meal Templates

    To build your ideal meals with simple-to-follow recipes.

  • Macronutrient Balance

    Discover the importance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet.

Whether you're dealing with weight issues, low energy, fatigue, or food intolerances, the metabolic diet plan addresses the root causes of these symptoms to prevent them from becoming serious health concerns.

Are you ready to reset your metabolic health, as this is proven to be the root cause of most of the future health concerns people face?

Enrolling in the metabolic diet plan will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently give yourself the gift that keeps on giving — the foundation for your future health that will fuel your freedom and ability to enhance your health longevity so you can live the life you want to live.

By enrolling in Metabolic Diet Plan you will master how to...

  • Understand the basics of nutrition and metabolism

  • Identify the root cause of metabolic imbalances in your body.

  • Create a sustainable meal plan that addresses your unique gut health concerns.

  • Discover essential vitamins & minerals to boost metabolism

  • Learn which foods sabotage healthy digestion and why.

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all diets and celebrity quick fixes that don't deliver lasting results?

If so please don’t settle for generic diet plans; it's time to understand your body and create a personalized nutrition strategy tailored just for you.

Who this IS for...

You already understand that nutrition is an essential part of your future health.

You understand the importance of putting your health first and the power of investing in education to achieve your goals

You want to lose weight and stop yo-yo dieting as it's affecting your mood, focus and energy levels.

You want to invest in your health to improve your mental clarity to either; grow your business, boost career opportunities or improve your marriage or relationships.

You feel that improving your food choices is not a Monday to Friday activity, but a major priority in your life - every day of the week.

You want to improve your overall nutrition so you can achieve your personal goals and live a better life.

Who this is NOT for...

You believe that calories in calories out is the best way to manage your weight.

Have already had a clear nutrition plan and believe it is perfect for you.

You are looking for a silver-bullet solution that will bring results overnight.

You’re not in a position to invest in your education about health right now.

You are juggling about 10 other events in your life and this is a priority but you are not really in a position to make a change.

You don’t care about truly helping yourself and learning how to improve your health meaningful, you just want to lose weight!

Once you lose weight you will eat what you want again.

Meet Katherine, one of my nutrition clients

Katherine is a classic menopause client. When she was in her late 40s, her shape started to change. She believed she had a good diet, didn’t drink wine every night and enjoyed ‘balanced’ meals of meat and two vegs, yet she started to gain weight around the bra area.

As she approached menopause, her back started getting bigger, but her legs were still thin – she started covering her top half up with floaty blouses and oversized shirts, but then her tummy started getting bigger too. Katherine was a busy nurse, working full-time and travelling a lot. She usually missed breakfast and felt that this would keep the calories down but it just wasn’t working.

With my help, Katherine lost 17 lbs in 12 weeks. She went from 42% body fat to less than 35% and reduced her metabolic health age from 74 to 47 years. Then menopause came and went, and today she wears slim, fitted jackets with skinny jeans. She looks fabulous and feels much healthier!

Once Katherine understood the functional nutrition approach to weight loss, she was able to reset her metabolism so that she could burn fat and lose weight

Your Journey to a Revitalized Metabolism Begins Here

The Metabolic Diet Plan isn’t just another fad. It’s a comprehensive online course designed to reset your metabolism and optimize your gut health for optimal health and longevity.

Whether you're dealing with weight issues, low energy, fatigue, or food intolerances, the metabolic diet plan addresses the root causes of these symptoms to prevent them from becoming severe health concerns.

Success Stories

I knew I could lose the weight, it was just getting harder as I lost a stone already before working with Jen, then I released there a better way to lose weight as I needed to improve my health and I needed some support. The education on how my body worked has been the most amazing change in my mental health and results.

  • en-Adams-debbie-before-after

I needed help, felt rock bottom, recently lost my father and had all sorts of emotions and stress, just could not get my head around what to do. Jen's support is also unconditional, she will tell you straight and give you the responsibility of own results.

  • jen-Adams-Laura-before-after

I knew I ate well, my husband and I had good quality organic, fresh, homecooked food every day. We just did not think the types of food we ate would impact my hormones and my menopause symptoms that much. I was so surprised that consistency in choosing the right foods for me could make me feel this good!

  • jen-Adams-katherine-before-after

The Metabolic Diet Plan isn't about spending a fortune on niche health foods or hours reading various health books and listening to multiple experts podcasts.

Instead, it's about understanding your body and creating a personalized nutrition plan that works for you.

As we are often bombarded, once you understand the basics of nutrition, you can decide that the information or advice you hear is correct for you.

It is a firm belief that knowledge is power.

For me, knowledge is the power to make a decision that is right for you, rather than following the herd into the next quick-fix diet, only to discover after weeks of self-sacrifice to follow the plan, your hair starts to fall out, your feel tired and begin to lose muscle mass!

With the metabolic reset diet plan, you have the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about your food choice as you will gain an understanding of the impact on your body, and therefore, you have the choice to decide if it is right for you and your future health goals.

It's time we all took responsibility for our health by being innovative and enjoying simple meal plans that save time and money and are sustainable for you and the world around us.

Enrolling in the Metabolic Diet Plan course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy metabolism and achieve long-term vitality.

Here is some of what you will learn in the course...

  • Protein

    Explore the world of animal and plant-based proteins and their role in hormone, enzyme, and neurotransmitter production.

  • Carbohydrates

    Understand the effects of different carbs on your blood sugar and learn how to enjoy them in a balanced way.

  • Leafy Vegetables

    Dive beyond salads and discover the power of herbs and spices in creating a robust gut microbiome.

  • Fats

    Learn why essential fats are critical for cellular communication and energy production and why they shouldn’t be feared.

Look, it's your health and your life; live it however you want. You have an opportunity here to learn how to improve both.

Tough Love or a HUG – I'm easy. I will give you both.

Deep down, I don't care if you don't enrol in the metabolic diet plan because you work too hard in life not to have a choice, and I would never want to be one of those girls that picked on you at school and make you feel like crap for not joining in.

If you DO want to change, BUT you have a list of excuses or reasons not to do it – That is fine. I have heard them all before, and I can help you overcome them all!

I am all in to help YOU to move forward, and I hear you, and I am here for you!


Good health does not happen to you, unlike ill health and disease.

Take action today, and you will have taken one step forward towards the person you want to be by tomorrow. 

REMEMBER: To lose two stones and improve your metabolic health; you need to lose a stone. To lose a stone, you need to stop gaining weight and to stop gaining weight you need something different from what you are already doing.