Daily Protein Calculator

This daily protein calculator reveals the recommended daily amino acids intake essential for optimal metabolic health. 

Daily Protein Intake Calculator

PROTEIN is the most essential macronutrient. There are various different types, all providing 4kcal per 100 grams BUT each one impacts your metabolic pathways in different ways.

There are various categories to identify them, Flesh, any animal, poultry or fish closely followed by Animal Products, which are food products by the animals. Plant-Based foods are legumes, such as beans, lentils and peas. These also contain starchy carbohydrates and fibre, and micronutrients. 

Therefore whilst they are classed as protein,  will raise your blood sugars, and therefore you will need to calculate the Glycemic Load via the  Glycemic Load Calculator as this will capped the portion size and as a consequence limit the volume of protein they can provide within each meal 

Food Protein Calculator

The various types of Protein are all essential as they provide the building block for the creation of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters to support the delivery of energy into your cells.

Do you NOT store protein in your body, when consumed the liver creates an Acid Pool as a resource to create complete proteins.

Therefore it is essential to consume a VARIETY of amino acids from each protein source throughout the day to create hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters that enable the optimal delivery of energy into your cell to improve and maintain your metabolic health.

The amount of protein you need each day is based on your current weight in kilos multiplied by an activity factor. 

It is important to understand that the protein sources you eat are NOT just protein! It is the amino acids within the protein that you want to measure. 


The volume of amino acids that you should consume is based on your current body weight in kgs and your level of activity. 

Use the Daily Protein Calculator to find out https://wizardworksagency.involve.me/daily-protein-calculator

The protein source that contains the volume of amino acid per 100g of weight is flesh, and animal products. 

Beef, chicken and fish are closely followed by cheese, eggs and lastly yoghurt. The most complete plant-based protein is the soya bean.

Therefore any made from the soya bean will have a similar volume of amino acids to flesh and animal products. 

Yes, if you want to improve your metabolic health to lose weight, it is essential to learn your protein intake at your current weight and level of activity. 

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