Metabolic health drives the delivery of energy into your cells

Therefore how much energy we burn and store as fat, but it can also affect our general health, causing various conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

But there are some every-day, less dramatic symptoms that you may NOT realise are clues that your metabolic health needs your attention.

Are you struggling to lose weight off your tummy?

Do you feel bloated and tired after eating?

Do you have disrupted sleep [need a wee] waking and unable to get back to sleep?

Always have stiff and aching muscles and joints?

Are you more often lethargic and fatigued without reason?

Is your hayfever, psoriasis, eczema and allergies getting worse?

Metabolic Health Issues

With now more than 115 million infections and more than 2·5 million deaths from COVID-19 reported worldwide, many of which occurred in people with poor metabolic health, COVID-19 has sent the world a wake-up call about its inaction on metabolic diseases.


In the post-COVID-19 era, metabolic health is a priority, with obesity taking centre stage.


The good news is that improving our metabolic health helps both men and women lose weight from around the middle, which reduces the risk of diabetes and inflammation that will boost your immunity.


With that in mind, if you are struggling to lose weight and managing other symptoms such as headaches, extreme tiredness, lack of energy, and interrupted sleep patterns, your metabolic pathways are likely struggling to metabolise the food you eat, and you are at risk of being pre-diabetic or more commonly known as insulin resistant.

What are the long term effects
of our Metabolic Health?

As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down. Add in an overload of sugar, carbohydrates, and saturated fats over the years, and our liver stops being as effective in eliminating toxins from the food we consume. In turn, this affects the hormones that control our blood sugars and how we use and burn the energy that we consume.


Furthermore, certain foods that you eat can cause an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, and then things become even harder to manage. Without the protection of good gut flora, you can develop a range of conditions – leaky gut, bloating, food intolerances, allergies and skin conditions. It can also cause weight gain and, in the longer-term, lead to obesity which comes with its own range of severe health consequences.


You may be thinking that giving up sugar or cutting out cake is enough to lose the weight you want to shed, but our metabolic health can affect us in many ways. For example, it might make our sleep patterns irregular, bring on cravings for certain foods and affect our energy levels, as well as making our bodies store fat rather than burn it (particularly around the middle).

Metabolic Health Solution

Yo-yo dieting and quick fixes will not work; they create a downward spiral. With strict calorie counting and denying ourselves what we want to eat, our metabolic pathways will go into decline and work against us rather than improve.


It's important that we pay attention to what we eat because it can have a major effect on our metabolic health. For instance, if someone is trying to get healthier by suddenly eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, they might actually end up gaining weight instead of losing it because those types of foods can cause an imbalance in the gut microbiome due to the higher sugar content compared with meat or carbs.


Our blood sugars and the hormones that influence how much energy we burn and where weight is stored will affect how we lose weight. It's not about counting calories, points or sins, and calculating success based on the bathroom scales' number. – it's about the quality of the food you eat, what you eat it with and how often – It's about improving your metabolic pathways by boosting your metabolism.


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