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3 Step Method To Younger Looking Skin

Keep your skincare routine simple to improve skin health

As a skin facialist and nutritional therapist, there are few things I know better than how to maintain good skin health for younger-looking skin, especially as I am now in my mid-40s.

I have several years of clinical experience behind me, which have enabled me to gain a detailed understanding of how the skin works and create a breakthrough anti aging method for a youthful appearance.

People often find themselves questioning why their skin is dry and irritated despite having a skin care routine. More often than not, I find that their issue is that they end up disturbing their skin’s natural barrier (or acid mantle) by using the wrong anti ageing products.

This means they actually cause even more harm to their skin. The skin’s microbiome is incredibly delicate and failing to care for it properly can cause extrinsic ageing. If you try to treat the ageing process without addressing what is causing it, you’re unlikely to maintain youthful skin.

In this article, I am going to explain the simple 3-step method to maintain your skin’s pH by using the correct products and adhering to a strict routine, which will allow you to get to the root of your concerns. By stripping your skincare routine back, you will be able to improve your skin tone and pave the way for radiant skin.

What is the acid mantle?

The acid mantle is the fine, slightly acidic film that sits on the surface of your skin. Often called the skin’s natural barrier, it protects your skin from environmental stressors such as bacteria and pollutants that have the potential to penetrate your skin. Formed in part by the substance we know as sebum, the acid mantle is integral to maintaining your skin health. Ideally, your skin should sit at around 4.5-5.5 in order for you to see the best results from your skincare routine.

When agitated, the acid mantle doesn’t perform as well as it should, thus accelerating the ageing process and creating the perfect conditions for dry skin and acne to arise. The best way to maintain the acid mantle is to thoroughly cleanse your skin and use products that encourage skin cell turnover.

What is the best routine to maintain my acid mantle?

There are a number of skincare concerns that manifest when your acid mantle has been disturbed. Telltale signs are skin issues such as dry or oily skin, acne, fine lines and dullness. These common skincare woes are often mistaken for issues in their own right but this is seldom the case as there are so many beauty products.

If you’re using a foaming cleanser and you find yourself suffering from any of the issues above, your cleanser is likely to be the cause.

You should discontinue the use of the offending product immediately.

Please STOP using foaming face wash: Watch my video HERE

These products often contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), which is known to disrupt the naturally slightly acidic surface of the skin that works to maintain the skin’s integrity. Continued use of products containing SLS will cause the aforementioned symptoms to emerge with haste. Those who suffer from eczema might find they have a particularly adverse reaction to products with SLS, as their skin is often drier and more sensitive in general.

As a rule of thumb, you should also avoid exfoliating scrubs. Many scrubs claim they are gentle enough to remove dead skin cells for daily use, but this is far from true.

They contain large particles that damage the skin by causing micro-tears on the epidermis. These tiny tears, when created time and time again, will weaken the skin’s barrier, causing the issues that were mentioned previously.

Manual exfoliation with scrubs might seem like a satisfying solution to dry skin to retain moisture, but there are other options to support beautiful skin.

In order to restore order to your skin’s surface, you first need to strip back your skincare routine and work with your skin to stimulate collagen production.

Keep your younger looking skin naturally

In order to create the optimal conditions for your skin to thrive, maintaining your skin’s natural pH is of the utmost importance. In order to achieve this, you should avoid expensive invasive treatments and follow the 3-Step Method: prepare, treat and protect.

Step 1: Prepare

The reasons for cleansing are threefold. When you do so, you remove makeup, impurities and dead skin cells. As well as providing a clean base for the rest of your skincare routine, cleansing your skin at the end of the day is one of the most important steps you can take.

Double cleansing with micellar water and then a gentle cleanser, such as an oil or milk cleanser will make sure your skin barrier remains intact. Using two products also ensures that any remnants of makeup and irritants from the day are broken down and gently removed. After thoroughly cleansing, the next step is exfoliation.

Proper preparation of the skin lays the foundation for you to address any specific concerns you may have. Once your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, it is the perfect time to use a gentle chemical exfoliant in the form of alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs). A good all-rounder is the popular AHA known as glycolic acid.

When used regularly, it promotes skin cell turnover by sloughing away cells to reveal radiant, new ones. The ideal percentage of glycolic acid for at-home use is 8%-30%, but concentrations at the lower end of the spectrum are advised for those who are just introducing it to their routine.

Chemical liquid exfoliants such as glycolic acid stimulate the enzymatic response of your cells, which allows for serums and other topical products to penetrate the epidermis and work more effectively. Another product to consider adding in place of an AHA is a PHA, or a polyhydroxy acid.

PHAs act in the same way as BHAs and AHAs, but they have enhanced anti-ageing properties as they also work against a process known as glycation.

If you’re a member of my academy, you might already be familiar with glycation. It is a process that takes place when digested sugar permanently attaches to the collagen in your skin, thus weakening it and accelerating the appearance of the visible signs of ageing. As well as doing this, it keeps the skin pH at around 4.5, creating the perfect conditions to stop the signs of ageing from taking form.

If want to see this in action: Watch me complete Step 1 on video CLICK HERE

Step 2: Treat

Once you have cleansed, you can treat your individual skin ageing concerns! As I previously mentioned, proper cleansing and preparation are the most important things you can do for your skin. Failure to do these things will mean your skin won’t be as receptive to the products that you use in an attempt to address your concerns.

If you’re preparing your skin as you should and you still suffer from acne, flare ups, using another BHA, namely salicylic acid, which is a popular spot-fighting product, will target the source of the problem. If the signs of ageing are more of an issue for you, proper hydration containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid will be able to address fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

How to target skin concern –  on video CLICK HERE

Step 3: Maintain + Protect

Now that you have treated your individual skin concerns, it’s time to protect your skin from the environment. Environmental stressors like pollution and sun damage (uv rays) have the potential to damage your skin if it’s not sufficiently protected. This will ruin all of the hard work you have put into your skin health.

UVA rays will lead to fine lines and wrinkles and brown spots appearing if you don’t finish this last step in the 3-Step Method.

Now is the time to apply a light, hydrating moisturiser and SPF. These should be two separate products in order to provide you with the best level of protection. Two combined products will not allow you to achieve proper levels of moisturisation or SPF coverage.

Each step in the  3-Step Method is important but the most important is the first. Without creating a clean, blank canvas, your skin won’t be ready to absorb the other products you’ve chosen to treat your skin concerns. Once you start to start to use the 3- Step Method on a regular basis, you will soon start to notice your overall skin health improving.

How to maintain skin health for younger-looking skin  –  on video  CLICK HERE

The Best Advice For Younger Looking Skin Naturally


The three most effective ways to improve your overall skin health

  • Stop using harsh, exfoliating scrubs
  • Avoid foaming cleaners and products that use SLS
  • Use a simple 3-Step Method to improve your skin’s appearance

Getting to the root cause of your skin concerns will always be integral when it comes to looking after your skin. Without doing so, your skin will not improve.

Keeping your skin pH around 4.5-5.5 and maintaining its acid mantle by using gentle products is essential to address any concerns you have.

These measures will ensure that you don’t break down the necessary sebum that sits on the epidermis, which will guarantee the integrity of your acid mantle is maintained. If your acid mantle remains intact, it will be able to keep out irritants, thus improving your skin health.

To conclude, the best way to do this is by sticking to the 3-Step Method and discontinuing the use of foaming face washes and potentially damaging physical exfoliants.

The 3-Step Method allows you to minimise the number of products you use, whilst maximising their effectiveness, and by cutting out harsh products, you will inflict less damage on your skin.


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