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La Isla y el Mar Hotel Boutique – Lanzarote

 Training for an event and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle

This is such a common issue when we are looking to book our holidays, we want good 4* hotel, quality food, a gym and an area to run 6-8 miles with the ability to go for a walk and relax too.

We (Steve) found this boutique hotel with TUI, booked for a week and its based in Puerto Del Carman. Having just completed the Cheltenham half marathon and due to do Rugby Half Marathon, (which is up the hill) in two weeks time, we want to keep fit yet relax away from work, as I often say I’m on holiday from work, not my health!

Hotel – Nutritional Breakfast

With a very impressive display of natural Continental and European foods, both hot and cold options, providing juices, fresh fruit, nuts, and even vegetables to have with your eggs and bacon, this is so refreshing to find. Ideal for an athlete who is out in Lanzarote training or doing an event, or someone who is following my Metabolic Balance diet, this hotel provides the right balance of foods choices, especially for breakfast.


Nightshade Vegetables

One of the most common issues from a nutritional point of view for breakfast is that most of the vegetable are nightshade; Aubergines, Peppers, Tomatoes and Mushrooms. Sometimes they provided courgettes and there was always cucumber with the cheese, however, some green leaf and avocado would have been a wonderful addition.

There were more vegetable options available for lunchtime and evening meals, for those staying half or full board. It was interesting to find that most of the restaurants in Lanzarote display the food allergy and intolerance icons, which is exciting as this demonstrates the awareness is improving. Therefore it would be fantastic to see hotels step up and provide this range of options for breakfast too. It’s a bit like training and healthy living there is a need for consistency.

The La Isla Y El Mar is a boutique hotel I would recommend to anyone who is looking to maintain good training and food choices whilst enjoying the sunshine, there is always more these types of hotels can do to provide people like me more options.

What they could improve and introduce:-

  • Vegetable Juice
  • Green Vegetables: Spinach, Avocado
  • Seeds: Sunflower, Pumpkin
  • Almond Milk
  • Gluten Free Breads
  • Vegetarian Sausages

The Hotel Gym

More often hotel gym’s can be very basic, often without dumbbells or a working treadmill. The main issue with hotel gyms is that they are often an afterthought or a throwback from the 80’s. People who tend to manage and maintain the hotel gym never actually train or use them. It’s was therefore very refreshing to experience the gym at La Isla y El Mar Hotel Boutique, is air-conditioned, clean, bright and actually has equipment from the current century.

There is a music system that you can plug your phone into and play your own music, wipes, cold water and a bathroom. This sounds basic but believe me very exciting for a regular hotel gym user and ideal once back from your run or bike to do your strength and core exercises.

Deep Tissue Massage

As a Sports Massage Therapist getting a massage whilst on holiday can be quite stressful, as they tend to be very fluff and buff or too sporty, therefore not relaxing as it tends to become more of a physio session rather than a relaxing deep tissue massage. When we checked in to the hotel, Eva advised us of the wellness centre and suggested a massage as they were very good! however, from experience, most receptionists say that so we smiled and made plans to find a treatment in town.

After spending €50 in the old town for a full body massage, which ended up being more of a head to toe aromatherapy massage, my need for a deep tissue massage for my lower back and neck and shoulders was becoming serious.  We had been running six miles every day and as our room was next door to the Wellness centre it seemed odd to ignore Ava’s advice. One afternoon when returning from the gym I wondered into the Wellness Centre and was met by a lady who looked like she massaged for a living! I booked in for the next day and spent a further €75 on a wonderful Deep Tissue Massage that I should have had three days ago.

The treatment area was white and clean, my therapist did not speak English, but that was not an issue. She made it clear where she wanted me to be when and whereas she left to room to allow me some time to undress. On her return, her pressure and touch was just right, she knew exactly what she was doing and therefore allowed me to relax and enjoy the treatment. Perfect!

To be clear: I am writing this blog as a holidaymaker who has found a boutique hotel that works for me and my partner’s training and lifestyle choices, we paid for our holiday and enjoyed our time at La Isla y El Mar Hotel Boutique.


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