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Learn the TRUTH about your skin cream

How to maintain younger looking skin

Focus on enhancing what you already have rather than looking for something you never had. Aim to nourish, preserve and protect your skin for younger-looking skin naturally with your daily skin care routine of face cream, eye creams, masks and SPF protection.

My approach is to educate you about the natural skin care tips to reducing the effects of ageing. So you can feel confident about investing in skincare products and choosing aesthetics professional skin treatments that are right for your skin health not just your skin type.

Learn the truth about your skin cream

Best skin cream for ageing skin

The reality is your skin cream does NOT have the biochemical capacity to moisturise, lift, improve tone or remove wrinkles. But it can maintain what you have and protect it from external environmental factors.

Take a moment and think about how active can a face cream actually be?

That lovely thick cream you love putting on your skin, what can it achieve? The molecules and ingredients commonly found in creams are too big and bulky to influence your skin cell communication. For example, if you choose a cream with retinol or vitamin C in how active can the ingredient be when blended into a cream?

As previously explained the extracellular matrix only lets in things it knows and recognises? I am not sure that I have shea butter or natural oils such as lavender is already in your body. Will your skin cells recognise this ingredient and allow your skin cells to generate fresh skin or will your skin keep them out?

Take a moment to think further as skin care creams also have other unrecognisable ingredients such as parabens and formaldehyde even when not on the ingredient list.

The creams have these ingredients to give the cream shelf life and prevent microbiological growth while it sits on the shelf in the shop and then on your bathroom shelf once open.

Think about how long that cream has been on the shelf before you buy it. These unrecognisable molecules will NOT and should NOT be carried through the lipid channels in the cell membrane.

They will sit on the outside of the skin cell and therefore will NOT be metabolised within the cell and influence any cell regeneration. On a more positive note:

What can a cream do? It can maintain, preserve and protect your skin.


truth about your skin cream

What are the benefits of skin cream?

  • An additional protective layer on the skin cell membrane to preserve what is happening inside the cell.
  • Protect the skin cells from free radical damage from external toxins.
  • Keep your skin moisture within the cell and uv protection – sun damage

Ingredients to maintain healthy skin

The ingredients to look out for in the creams need to be soluble or mineral so they protect the cell membrane and not clog up the skin cell turnover. Look for water-based vitamin such as vitamin C for brightening and B Vitamins to protect the hyaluronic acid within the skin cell and support the work you have done in step 2 – target skin concerns.

Vitamin C Skin Care

Vitamin C is a free radical scavenger it protects your skin against oxidative damage such as pollution in the air and UV protection from the sunshine. It helps inhibits melanin production in the surface of the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance and results in brighter skin.

Vitamin B in Skin Care Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide or Vitamin B3 is a very stable vitamin in skin care cream, perfect for protection and healing. Provitamin B5 stabilizes the skin barrier to reduces the amount of water lost through the skin and thus helps to improve skin hydration levels – relief from itching and reduces redness Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine has a mattifying effect – combined with zinc regulates of hormones to reduce the bacteria growth on your skin to reduce blemishes and outbreaks.

Skin Care Masks

To preserve skin post treatments to calm and heal as contain Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid and zinc leave the skin feeling hydrated and plumped .

With this, all this in mind, keep choosing a cream and masks simple.

To conclude, most brands can make this quite complicated because they want you to believe you can solve skin concerns with creams and masks.

Please remember all the heavy lifting for addressing skin concerns is done with your targeted boosters and serums.

Skincare creams and masks will give you extra support with oily skin or stressed skin and make you feel good about your skin.

Look for products that have limited ingredients to hold moisture and protect your skin. Please do enjoy your skin care cream and hydration skin mask but do not expect them to solve any skin health issues.

Your daily skincare routine should start with the preparation phase of clean, cleansing and naturally exfoliating your skin gently every day.

Then invest in your future skin cells with your booster and serums, and finish with preserving and protecting your skin cells with cream and SPF 50+. Take a moment to review what you’ve already got at home, take a closer look at the products that you use to clean your skin and actives for skin cells rejuvenation before choosing your next cream.

Remember to invest in your skin health not just skincare for younger looking skin – naturally after 40.