Jen Adams [Skin Health Expert]

Skin Health Expert Leamington

“I’m a natural anti-ageing skin therapist with 10 years’ clinical experience and a passion for providing safe, non-invasive skin treatments that give noticeable results to improving skin health”

With experience in nutrition functional medicine, skin micro-needling and high-intensity focused ultrasound [HIFU], I’ll give you honest and professional advice about your skin health and the facial skin treatments that are right for you, whether that’s skin rejuvenation or body sculpting and contouring or a natural face-lift.

My treatments are safe, non-invasive and give visible and often immediate improvements. I also offer practical nutrition advice to help my clients improve their skin-cell turnover and their overall health and wellness.

Everyone’s needs are different, but my treatments are designed to rejuvenate your skin, improve your body shape and give you the confidence you deserve.

I’m based in Park Street in Leamington Spa [behind the black door] which is easily accessible from many parts of Warwickshire, including Rugby, Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon. There is a multi-storey car park on Park Street – my private clinic is a minute’s walk from it. 

I recently created the clinic from an old office space, I love it - it's open and bright. The treatment room is perfect, as clean yet cosy. With some amazing wallpaper! The reception area is where we comfortably sit and chat about your skin, skincare, and treatment plan without anyone else around.  It's an appointment only system so my attention is on your comfort and treatment 100%. 

The other treatment room is where I do my videos for the YouTube channel and manage the Skin Health Club [monthly membership] via zoom each month.

My approach to skin health at the cellular level has come from my biochemistry education as part of my Nutritional Therapy Foundation degree. [Graduated ION 2012

To bridge my Level 6 nutrition qualification over the years I started with sports massage therapy Level 4 and gained skin therapy qualifications over the years. 

I hold a Level 4 Certificate in Skin-Needling and Mesotherapy, a Level 3 in Electric Beauty Therapy.  

You can influence your skin cells from the inside and outside equally. 

Working with both the inside and out in terms of nutrition and natural skin rejuvenation is essential for long-lasting satisfaction and results.

Skin health is essential to address skin concerns and the future approach to positive pro-aging.

My belief is to do whatever we can to be the best version of ourselves, NOT to try to gain something you have never had.

We can make small changes to our habits and behaviors to achieve great things, we just have to take action. 

Learn more about my health club

My clients are women you have reached 40 years old and want to naturally maintain their skin health, possibly look younger. They want to learn about skin health so that they understand which skincare and treatments are right for them

My Skin Gym Members are my inspiration.

They’re initially surprised when they achieve their goals so quickly during the skin rejuvenation plan. I get so excited by their progress and delighted when they tell me they can wear less make-up and still feel confident every day. 

More often I continue to work with my clients for years, not because we have work to do, but because we are maintaining their firmer-looking skin.

Our time together feels like a luxury but its a necessity for their overall skin and mental health as they are happy and confident in their skin. 

I love 💕 them and my work 🧑‍⚕️

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