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Skin Gym | Treatment Prices

The secret to younger-looking skin is regular and consistent skin treatments. Like when we exercise, we don’t just go to the gym once and expect the benefits to last. We commit to a programme of regular fitness and exercise because we know that’s the best way to achieve noticeable and lasting results.

So, why should our skin care régime be any different? With my Skin Gym, you can choose a package that suits you, with treatments monthly or every 6-8 weeks, and spread the cost throughout the year.

Prices start from just £195 a month – choose from anti ageing skin treatments only or a package of skin and body contouring treatments.


Skin Rejuvenation Plan [£735 Youth Boost]

Skin Gym from just £195 per month

Skin + Body Combination Plans for £475

Up to 20% discount on treatment packages

Skin Gym | Monthly Subscriptions

Maintain Skin Club

£195 / month
  • 8 Treatments
  • Mesotherapy - Skin Filler
  • BR Plump+ (HIFU Instant skin tighening)
  • Micro-Needling (Collegen Stimulation)
  • HIFU Half Natural Face Lift - Under Chin & Jawline

Anti-Ageing Skin Gym

£265 / month
  • 12 Treatments
  • Mesotherapy - Skin Filler
  • BR Plump+ (HIFU Instant skin tighening)
  • Micro-Needling (Collegen Stimulation)
  • HIFU Half Natural Face Lift - Under Chin & Jawline

Skin + Body Gym Member

£475 / month
  • 12 Treatments
  • Mesotherpay -Skin Filler + HIFU Body
  • BR Plump + HIFU Body
  • Micro-Needling + HIFU Body
  • HIFU Half Natural Face Lift - Under Chin & Jawlin

Micro-Needling Skin Treatments

Collagen stimulation combined with Skin Rejuvenation

This is the most effective anti-ageing skin treatment that will change the way you feel about your skin after just one treatment.

Micro-Needling stamp treatment with NCTF135 HA pro-ageing serum from Fillmed and one of my infamous ghost masks. Your skin will be bathed in all the essential ingredients for rejuvenated, hydrated, and cell repair. The treatment concludes with the mask, this is soaked in collagen marin that soaks into your skin and provides instant moisturising and toning to your skin.


£295 60mins
  • For: Collagen Stimulation & Skin Rejuvenating
  • Using: Fillmed MCTF135HA anti-ageing serum
  • Includes: Collgen 'Ghost Mask'

Collagen stimulation combined with skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy: Epidermal techniques for instant plumping and skin rejuvenation. Nano-Soft for wrinkle reduction skin treatment [Skin Filler]. There is no downtime, just instantly firmer skin that feels plumped, hydrated and dewy.

Skin Rejuvenation Facial

£245 60mins
  • For: Hydrating and plumping
  • Using: NCTF135HA Serum [Skin Filler]
  • Includes: Collagen 'Ghost' Mask

Mesotherapy [Nano-Soft]

£295 75mins
  • For: Wrinkle Reduction [Nano-soft]
  • Using: NCTF135HA Serum [Skin Filler]
  • Includes: Collagen 'Ghost' Mask

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound [HIFU] - Non-Surgical Natural Face Lift

The most common treatment is the HIFU Plump + which is a single layer of macro-energy for skin rejuvenation and instant tightening treatment, combined with a skin perfusion facial treatment.

For more constructive natural facelift the HIFU Half-Face is for the lower face; this includes under the chin, jawline, and the cheeks or you can have a HIFU Full-Face natural face lift, which includes the neck, as well as under the chin, jawline, cheeks, eyes, and forehead.

These treatments prices are for a single treatment, you can up to 4 HIFU treatments in a 12 month period to enhance results. Take a look at the Skin Rejuvenation Plan, this combines with the recommended pro-aging skin perfusion treatment and micro-needling with a HIFU Plump+ treatment to show what can be achieved within just 3-months.

HIFU Plump+

£295 60mins
  • For: Eyes, cheeks and mouth area
  • Ideal: Instant skin tightening and plumping
  • Includes: Natural pro-ageing facial

HIFU Half-Face Lift

£495 60mins
  • For: Under the chin, jawline and cheeks
  • Ideal: Lifting and firming under chin and jawline
  • Includes: Cleanse & brightening peel

HIFU Full-Face Lift

£695 60mins
  • For: Full natural face lift - neck, chin, jawline, cheeks, eyes & forehead
  • Ideal for: Tightening, lifting and firming
  • Includes: Cleanse & brightening peel

Body Contouring Non-Invasive Treatments

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound - Body Sculpting Contouring

Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening Treatments

HIFU - body sculpting treatments are also priced on the area size. The only difference with body contouring treatments is that I recommend a minimum of 3 treatments from the outset, within a 12-16 week period. The results will begin to develop at 4 weeks, however, the skin will continue to develop during the recommended rest period of 12 weeks.

Many clients complete a further 3 treatments on the same area after the 12 week rest period.  Interestingly due to fat reduction, the type of treatment changes to focusing on skin tightening rather than fat removal.  A further note to consider is that you can also treat another area during the rest period or enjoy some skin reatments as part of the Skin & Body Gym Member.  The main advantage is that you spread the costs of the treatments over 12 months.

Small Area [Skin Tightening]

£125 per month* 30 mins
  • Ideal for: Tummy fat
  • 3 x HIFU skin treatments
  • * Payable for 6 months
  • Saving 15%

Medium Area [HIFU Body + Skin]

£195 per month* 45 mins
  • Idea for: Tummy Fat (fat reduction + skin tightening)
  • 3 x HIFU body + skin treatments
  • * Payable for 6 months
  • Saving 20%

Large Area [HIFU Body + Skin]

£275 per month 60 mins
  • Ideal for: Tummy area (above & below waist)
  • 3 x HIFU body + skin treatments
  • * Payable for 6 months
  • Saving 20%

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