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Lait E.V [Cleansing Milk]

Lait E.V Cleansing Milk is recommended for:

Dehydrated, lipid-deficient, devitalised and/or mature Skin Instants®.

150ml bottle size

Lait U [Cleansing Milk]

Lait U [Cleansing Milk] is recommended for:

Young, normal Skin-Instants®.

Ideal for combination, seborrheic and/or acne-prone Skin-Instants®.

Also suitable for sensitive and/or rosacea-prone Skin Instants

150ml bottle size


Lait VIP 02 [Cleansing Milk]

Lait VIP 02 [Cleansing Milk] is recommended for:

Devitalised and Dull Skin Instants®.

Ideal for people exposed to harsh climates and pollution or frequent travellers.

150ml bottle size


Lotion MC 110 No1

Lotion MC110 is recommended for:

Thin, devitalised and/or dull Skin Instants®.

Lotion MC 110 n° 1: concentration force 1 Normal or thin/sensitive Skin Instants®

30ml bottle size

Lotion P50 PIGM400

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is recommended for:

Pigmented and/or dull Skin Instants®.

150ml bottle size

Lotion P50v

Lotion P50v is recommended for:

Devitalised, dull and/or less toned, mature Skin Instants®

150ml Bottle

Lotion P50w

Lotion p50w recommended for:

1st use of Lotion p50, then ongoing use for thin and/or reactive Skin Instants

150ml Bottle


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