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When looking at treatments for your body and skin, it’s essential to consider what you are putting inside your body as well to what you are doing to your skin; Register for my Nutri-Skin e-book, to find out the three main areas to address before considering any body contouring or skincare when looking to address your desire for younger-looking skin. As a Registered Nutritional Therapist educating you to understand the impact of your food and lifestyle choices have on your body shape and skin is essential before you start any treatment plan.
It is important for you to understand what is happening to your body so you can learn to move forward. There are various approaches to Nutritional Therapy for me, it is about you! Our bodies are complex and can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack when looking for one solution. More often there is a multi-layer of various imbalances of systems that are causing your symptoms.

Nutrition Therapy Consultations 

However do not let that stop you from finding out more, you can register for my Nutri-Skin e-Bookcome and met Jen for a Nutritional Therapy session, which is a single session or consultation where you can come and discuss your current health concerns and gain an understanding of what you need to do to gain control of your weight and begin to choose the foods are right for you. For more information of what is involved in a Nutritional Therapy Consult, please click here.
If you know you want to lose weight and have tried various ways in the past with some success but struggling to lose it again and keep it off long-term, then you need to join me and my other clients and become a Metabolic Balance Client. Click here to read more

Focusing on your Nutrition & Optimum Wellness

Nutrition advice is often believed to be a complementary therapy to enhance your health and well-being. In my opinion, it is essential to invest your health; it will need time, money and energy to overcome habits and behaviours. However, the recommended nutritional solutions will work with your lifestyle and address any potential genetic or chronic illnesses that might be starting to show in various symptoms.
Everyone is so unique, as one person poison can often be another’s medicine. We all have different taste buds and emotions towards food choices, so my role is to help you understand and learn what you can consistently enjoy eating as part of your healthy lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet that some celebrity has done.

Common symptoms 

You may be familiar with or suffer severely with a few of the following most days:

  • Lack of a good night sleep
  • Depressed, feeling low
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Digestive problems, IBS, Bloating
  • Aches and pains
  • Migraines
  • Menopause, hot flushes
  • Tried all the time and moody
  • Constant cold and runny nose
  • Skin problems, dry, psoriasis

What is next? How do I get started..

You have a few options, you can register for the Nutri-Skin e-book or book in for a Nutritional Therapy Consultation (£125) either in person or online. If you know you need help to lose weight and have some health concerns have a look at my recommended nutrition plan called Metabolic Balance 

In your Nutritional Therapy Consult, you will learn how the food you eat can influence your biochemistry to help you to achieve the level of good health you desire. It is important that you understand how your body works so we can achieve optimal results by working together.

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