Nutrition - Skin Health

Nutrition & Skin Health

A functional nutritional approach to skin care

Before you consider investing your time and money to any skin or body treatment, my advice is to consider the impact food choices have on your body shape and quality of your skin. It is important to understand what happens inside your body, so you can learn how to feel younger in your own skin. There are many approaches to nutrition for skin and body health, it can often be overwhelming, especially if you are searching for one quick solution. From my clinical experience over the last ten years, success has come from; educating you to make simple changes to the foods you eat, the products you put on your skin and the treatments you have can address health and skin concerns.

Jen's Nutri-Skin e-Book

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In the e-book, I explain in more detail how the three main hormone-regulated systems in your body functionally influence the quality of your skin. Therefore before you consider any skin or body contouring treatment I encourage you to read the information in my e-Book to understand the impact of the right food choices to maximise your treatment results.

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