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 Why do all diets on Start Monday

After my weeks holiday in the sun, I really enjoy doing that first shop when we get back. I always clean the fridge before I go and return from Sainsbury’s with bags full of goodies! Lots of beautiful fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, fresh pink salmon and ripe avocados, all just delicious! However oddly, with a fridge full of loveliness and healthy food we decided to eat out for Sunday lunch, which got me thinking, why do we all start our diets on a Monday?

Sunday Dinner

Is it because we want an excuse to overeat on Sunday? Do we just want a blow out because we deserve it as a treat? My Sunday lunch was this textured, flavoursome Feta & Avocado salad. It had roasted butternut squash, carrots and beetroot, so sweet! With roasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranates sprinkle over creamy soft feta cheese and slices of perfectly ripe avocado: How is this diet food??


However,  how many people will have a roast dinner with potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire pudding with a glass of wine and a dessert for afters. With the sole intent of starting the diet tomorrow. I can tell you based on what I observed in the pub yesterday, 80% of you.

If this is you and you are happy with your health and always fit into all your clothes in the wardrobe, then brilliant you just carry on! For the rest of us, here are a few of my top tips for success with Monday Morning diet..

Jens 5 Top tips on ‘I’ll Start Monday’ weight loss plan..


  1. Plan ahead

What is the schedule for the week ahead, what meetings have you got, where will you be, can take a lunch with you, if not which shops are available for you to get your food. Are you working late, is there anything you can do now to plan ahead and overcome and potential issues that may arise in the week.

  1. Write it down

Get a piece of A4 paper and plan out the next 3 to 7 days, then put it in the kitchen next to the fridge. Every time you walk into the kitchen refer to it each time and tick off each meal as you do it. Add any amends you make as you go along, don’t panic if there a few mishaps. It’s a simple process that makes you accountable and increases your success rate.

  1. Do independent food shop on Sunday afternoon.

Make a food list based on your food planner, only buy what’s on the list and if you have other family members and children want other foods, do that on a different day. Initially, ring-fence your food choices and make it special by putting them all on a different shelf in the fridge. By making it important increased the chances of you enjoying your food choices.


  1. Start Sunday Afternoon

Instead of a blowout on Sunday evening, try eating a little less or just treat it like a weekday. This will help with the Monday afternoon blood sugar levels that drop if you have had a lot to eat the day before. Give yourself a fighting chance of success, as this will reduce the chances of falling off the wagon by Monday night.

  1. Just make small changes

Look to add foods rather than focusing on what you should not eat, look to add food to your everyday menu

a) add a salad to your sandwich, rather than just in it

b) instead of processed Ham try Feta Cheese

c) add a few roasted seeds to the salad instead of croutons

d) try butternut squash rather than white potatoes

e) aim to change only one meal per day rather than all of them at once if breakfast and lunch are easy then focus on your dinners.

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