My Clients


 “One doesn’t necessarily need to recommend the Metabolic Plan. It was noticed by people. I hadn’t actually told them, but people asked me what I’d done… Metabolic Balance is particularly well known in my circle of exercising ladies now.”


“Jenny makes you look at things in a different sort of way. She makes you understand that things are possible… The main thing is that you’re actually eating real food; you’re not buying supplements or drinking strange protein shakes and that for me is very important.”


“The best recommendation about Jenny is that she does not sugar coat anything when you have problems to overcome she will be brutally honest with you, it is not a softy approach… She will get you back on track and help you make the right choices yourself.”


“Before I started Metabolic Balance I felt I was OK I felt this is it this is the next phase of my life I was just over 50 just started the menopause and I thought Oh this what happens this is what you read about in the media. Ladies of a certain age start to put on weight, it goes around the middle, the hot flushes start and its just the normal process and the next phase of your life…”


“In this day and age you do not learn about Nutrition you don’t learn what things are doing to your body, I grew up thinking that there are chocolate biscuits in the house and that you can have them I was not actually taught what that is doing to you… I would not say it is a diet it has definitely been an education because I have learnt so much and now I know what food can actually do to you and the harm it can do…”

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