Micro Skin Needling Treatment

What to expect from a micro-needling treatment?

Let me share with what to expect from a Micro Skin Needling for collagen stimulation and skin tightening.
I have many years of experience doing micro-needling treatments and over those years the best results have always come from the less is more approach – using the NTCF135HA Mesotherapy serum from FillMed the results are instant, long-lasting and absolutely outstanding.

Learn more about what happens during the treatment and post-treatment aftercare advice – Watch the Video 




Always starting with the cleansing action to clean the skin. I’m using the Cleansing Oil  –  Skin Perfusion [Fillmed] skin care range.

Cleansing is an ideal opportunity to assess the skin and have a look at the open pores, the laxity and how well the skin is likely to react to the needling treatment.

Using the Micellar Water to remove any grime before applying the main part of the preparation phase. Which is liquid acid exfoliation, I’m using a Perfecting Solution to remove dead skin cells.  It is a PHA to reduce the skin pH to a pH 4 initially.  I may use a bright peel or time peel once I become more familiar with the skin.

The liquid acid exfoliator is left on three minutes and removed damp and cotton pads. They may be a slight tingling sensation whilst the peel is dropping the pH of the skin down to either 3.5 or thicker skin down to a pH of 1.2.

TARGET: Step 2

On the exfoliated skin a light layer of the NCTF135 HA active cocktail serum is applied.

The needling depth will be at 0.5 on the chin and then along the jawline, it goes a deeper to about 0.75 or 0.8mm. I’m using a crosshatch technique. It’s important to note here that I am not going backwards and forwards, nor am I doing circles. I am doing single lines.

The needle depth is dropped back to 0.5mm  over the cheekbones, as the skin gets thinner and can feel quite sensitive, particularly on the edges. During the needling extra serum is applied to help glide over the skin to reduce the scratching feeling as I go over the cheekbones.

Working over the nose to reduce the open pores and help improve the skin cell turnover around the t-zone and under the eyes to reduce the sebum collection and improve hydration which is identified as those white spots in the tear duct area.

One of the most fantastic features of micro skin needling is that I can treat close to the eye area.  I focus on the thick side of the eye to target the hydration (cross feet) and break down the Glycation [AGE] wrinkles. The depth of the needle will be at 0.25 but closer inside the eye area will be a depth of 0.1 as it is very delicate thin skin and no pores.

As I move over the brow onto the forehead to target the wrinkles on the forehead and brow the depth will be only 0.25mm, to target the skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.  This area always makes my clients sneeze, its the ophthalmic nerve which is a terminal branch of the trigeminal nerve . It provides sensory innervation to the skin so as I go over the forehead and down the nose, client more often sneezes. it does not hurt just always causes a sneeze.

Once completed both sides, I apply another layer of serum and then reduce the needle depth to 0.1mm and go all over the skin in single long strokes, I call it a Wash – fantastic to enhance hydration and pigmentation.


The best bit – applying the collagen ghost mask (hyaluronic acid youth mask) is a delightful moment. The skin starts to feel warm or hot, so the cold wet damp face mask is a delightful reprieve. It’s a nice feeling as it goes onto the skin. Once in place, I continue with needling down the neck and on to the decolletage.  Applying more serum to improve glide and reduce scratching. The needle depth will be between  0.8 – 1mm on the neck area, sometimes I reduce down 0.5mm on thin skin.

The Hyaluronic Acid youth Mask will stay on for 20 minutes during this time I will either do a head massage or use the jade roller to improve the soothing effect. It helps to push the product into the skin. 

Remove the mask and gently wipe the skin, nothing too aggressive as the skin is quite tender. There is NO blood to wipe away.  Absolutely no blood, not even a pinpoint bleed.

I apply HXR Eye cream with a little massage to improve lymphatic drainage. Then B3 Recovery Cream . It’s very calming, just sits very gently on the skin. Finish with  SPF 50+. The channels in the skin will have closed during mask so the skin has now absorbed all the serum and is very happy to have cream laid on the top.

Micro Needling Skin Post Treatment Advice

  1. Avoid makeup for at least another 20 minutes. If you must apply, so if going out on a lunch date or you need to go back to work, it’s not a problem, but my advice is to try to avoid wearing makeup for the rest of the day,
  2. Avoid any excessive sweating. Such as gym, a run or going for a swim or sauna. Anything that will stimulate your skin to sweat. It will not damage your skin in any way or even affect the treatment. It just hurts. And it’s not very nice.
  3. Also, avoid any exfoliation. No liquid acids that day or for a further two days. This includes any scrubs, exfoliations or masks that contain, glycolic or lactic acid. This also includes vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  4. Avoid all other treatments,  evasive or non-invasive treatments. So no hair removal, no tattooing, no muscle relaxant or filler. Just for the next two weeks, the main reason why I give this advice is that if your skin reacts to anything, I know what I’ve done and what advice to give you. If you’ve had another treatment on top of that, I’m lost. I don’t know what the root cause of the issue is. 

 The other thing is, is not to panic. The skin may feel quite uncomfortable, a little bit sore and a little bit red,  apply simple cleansing milk, nothing too complicated, nothing too active. You just want to calm it all down, but do continue life as normal you can go shopping, for a walk etc..  The epidermal layer of your skin has not been broken. The needles have gone in and out very quickly, and the channels have had time to close. So as long as you have your SPF 50+  on there’s no concern of being outdoors. 

Jen note: there is no point adding fancy serums or expensive creams to the skin during the healing time. Whilst there is no blood drawn there is trauma and I have already put the perfect active ingredients into your skin, it has everything the skin needs. There are 59 different active ingredients at the perfect molecular size and weight.

The skin does not need anything else to confuse the situation. It has everything it needs for the cellular layers in the epidermis from the stratum basale to communicate down to next weeks skin cells in the stratum granulosum and then onto the stratum corneum to create epidermal growth factors to communicate with to the hypodermis tight junctions to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin via fibroblasts. 

The NCTF 135HA it has all the nutrients, growth factors and peptides it needs as the skin cell turnover presents the new cells to surface. The skin cell communication works downwards and passes the message down to each skin cell layer. If you start adding in another layer of topical serum and or active ingredients, these skin cells will get confused and overwhelmed. Resulting in outbreaks and sensitivity.  Your skin cells are traumatized, The comfort blanket is there, let them bath in it, let them deal with the trauma. Yes, you can go back to your normal skin routine, maybe post five days or seven days, but let your skin just sit for a bit – give it time.. 

How will my skin feel post-micro-needling skin treatment?


Micro Skin needling [After]

Skin Needling Treatment Recovery Timeline

1 to 3 days: You will look a bit pink and dewy

Day 4 to 10 days: Itchy and dry:  The serums have been placed into the next skin layer, so the top layer of skin will start to flake away. Do not panic, do not do peel, just leave it, let it do what it wants to do. The hyaluronic acid in the serum is a humectant and attracts water, so the next layer of the skin is pinching all the water from the top layer. The next layer of the skin is coming through and collecting all the nutrients. 

Day 11 to 14 days:  You are cooking on gas, your skin will have shedded away all the dead skin cells and the new fresh, firmer, hydration skin cells are visible. 

Days 14 to 28 days: At your best – toned, clear and tightening. Potentially even further improvement into the second month, you’ll be very contented with the treatment and the trick is, you do all it all over again..






Jen Adams

Jen Adams is a natural aesthetics skin health expert with 10 years’ clinical experience.  Working with professional skin care to enhance skin health for younger-looking skin after 40+ – Qualifications in mesotherapy, skin micro-needling and HIFU Face lift (Non-Surgical Face Lift) to provide skin rejuvenation & collagen stimulation with 100% non-invasive pro-ageing skin treatments in her clinic in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

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