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Planning to Lose Weight – Make a Plan

I hear my clients say to me: “I just don’t have the time to make a plan.” It’s Therapist talk to be honest, we talk about it all the time but what does it mean, how much time do I need to spend preparing to lose weight, surely I just eat less and move more? Most people want to enjoy their lifestyle by socialising with friends and eating out. How will this improve my diet? So, how do I plan ahead?

As with most success stories, there is a SMART goal! I know it sounds like I am talking to you about work, I am sorry about that, but I am afraid it TRUE! The only way I have managed to get good consistent results and stopped punishing myself, with the ability to reward without guilt is when I have set a Goal and made a Plan!

The issue with weight loss or eating for good health is that there is no natural end point. However, there are various ways you can enjoy the journey and measure elements of success along the way. Commonly with weight loss, you only have one way to measure it! Yet you can lose or gain 3lbs to 7lbs throughout the day depending on water, hormones, defecting, blood sugar levels, etc..

A good question to ask is? Do you allow their mood to be dedicated by the number on the scales? It can take three days for your liver to decide what to do with the glycogen (calories) stored, so if you have a bad day the quicker you get back on PLAN, the less damage is caused. When you stand on the scales every day you can easily fall into the self-sabotage approach which results in  ‘What the hell, I’ll start Monday!’

Record your Starting Point

Measure as many areas possible to guarantee success; tape measure, skin, mood, energy, how you sleep, look in the mirror, a tight pair of trousers. Then rate each one out of 10 on how you feel about them.

What’s a SMART goal 

A bad example;  I commonly hear from clients the following: Its Monday morning and they say, ‘ want to lose 7lbs by Saturday’  yet I have a workshop where the food is provided (sandwiches), date night booked in my favourite restaurant and a cupboard full of chocolates with a weekend away booked for next week?

ART of weight loss Achievable, Realistic & Targeted

Do you actually have 7lbs to lose? Unless you are two stone overweight, you can not lose 7lbs of body fat in one week. Maybe a lot of water and muscle mass! The chances of this person enjoying all these events and still losing weight are very slim, they would need to be a very disciplined person, and I don’t think they would feel like were having much fun. They would have terrible mood swings,  be very stressed and by the time the weekend is over they would have put on another 3lbs along with the depression and ongoing emotional rollercoaster ride.

Jen’s personal advice;
Do not plan to lose weight within the first week! Plan to maintain your current weight, and aim to balance your blood sugars, and enjoy a steady mood and a good night sleep.

Top tips for a successful ON PLAN evening out

  • Think about what you are going to wear, something new and or fitted
  • Eggs for breakfast and a simple salad for lunch keeps your blood sugars balanced
  • Take 30g of nuts in your handbag
  • Ensure you drink a minimum of 2 litres of water in the day; keep hydrated
  • Who’s driving and who’s drinking? Pick your night, then choose the one which you can enjoy your  favourite drink or food
  • Instead of eating the bread roll, have your nuts!
  • Do not use is meal as a treat meal (explain later)
  • If it really tastes nice, eat it and enjoy it! If not then don’t

How to plan ahead – make a list

Map out each day for the next three or five days and think about what you are going to be doing, who with and the reality of what you can eat and when. Based on your agenda do a shopping list, what do you need to ensure you get your three meals a day, with green leafy vegetables and protein with every meal?

This results in less opportunity to snack and have the extras because you are satisfied and full. When you have the right foods in the fridge and you are prepared for supper, you are less likely to have something else. If you do, it doesn’t matter, but if you set your intent the odds are increased in favour of your health!

Realistic & Targeted

An good example: My goal is to do a bikini photo shoot in 10 weeks time, I want to lose a 1lbs per week of body fat, which will drop my percentage down to 23%,  I have measured my waist & hips, however I do believe my changes are going to be seen on camera & mirror rather than the scales so before & after photos have been taken:  I know what I am going to eat, and I have set my gym workouts to 3 x  HIIT classes, 4 Runs and 2 x Personal Training sessions with Adi each week . I have planned in Coventry & Prague half marathon in between to keep me motivated and writing this blog to make me accountable!

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