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What are the benefits of living longer?

When you read the Sunday papers each weekend, there are always stories and articles about the latest Superfood and this week’s best diet. So much so, it has become very confusing to understand what is right for you and your lifestyle.

We are all guilty of being busy and rushing around, so more often good food choices are NOT the most important thing at this current stage of your life. We all deserve a treat when we eat out, missed breakfast, so a piece of cake with our coffee is normal. Why should you be dealing with putting your lunch box together or getting something out for tea at 6am on a Monday morning!

The Realities of Living Longer

The reality is that all these lifestyle treats and habits are the direct impact of obesity and on your overall health and wellbeing. It has been confirmed by various clinical trials that obesity is directly related to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. So ask yourself, is that takeaway really a treat? Do you want to be working this hard to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia before you can claim your hard earned pension and retire gracefully into the sunshine?

Did you know that according to the World Health Organisation this generation will be the first to see their children suffer from the symptoms of these diseases before they reach 50? What seems to be misunderstood is that while you may be living longer, how well is the body functioning?

Symptoms of being overweight

Feeling tired in the afternoon, not sleeping through the night, puffy under your eyes, feeling bloated, suffering from heartburn when you eat and an ever-increasing waistline is not just a sign of age. These are symptoms of your body failing to maintain the levels of stress you put your hormones and digestive system through each day.

Do you care? Are you happy to let some else look after you? Not really planning on going anywhere when you retire? Being able to get in and out of a chair or in control of your bowels is not going to be your concern? That will be someone else’s responsibility, not yours!

Improving the Quality of life

These are all the things people do not take into account when thinking about living longer. Consider the quality of your life, commonly people don’t just get one disease they get about 3 or 4 of them as you body systems begin to fail. If you keep eating those lovely looking carbohydrates that convert to sugar, then you do not have any control of your insulin.

Therefore, you are highly likely to become diabetic by the time you reach 50 years old. Diabetes often comes hand in hand with hypertension, include the stiff hip or aching knee, and you can add osteoporosis or arthritis to your list. The result is that walking and moving around becomes more difficult and painful.   The solution is often medications prescribed by your doctor; blood pressure tablets and painkillers. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle you are very likely to get bowel problems, bloating, blockages, and common IBS symptoms.

How to lose weight – Long-term

Have you recently tried the Paleo diet, 5:2 fasting or gone back to Weightwatchers and Cambridge diet with no success? The truth is that losing a few pounds is easy, it is losing over a stone and keeping it off long term while improving your overall health & wellness is a lot harder.

The solutions is a consistent balance and range of simple natural foods throughout the day to maximize your energy levels and vitally. Dietary solutions are individual as we all have different tastes and cultures to take into account. Furthermore, the various systems in the body that contribute to your metabolic rate, unfortunately, start to decline, so the common theory of calories in versus calories out is not as simple as it sounds.

It’s important to understand what a ‘healthy balanced diet’ is, and which familiar, simple foods provide the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids for your metabolism to improve. It is not just about what food you eat; it is more often your mindset and the habit of your food choices. Your emotions and hormones are an essential part of the decision of what to eat from when you get up in the morning, throughout the stressful day, and then once on the sofa in the evening.

Nutrition Solutions  – basic simple advice

Commonly, my clients tend to carry approx. an extra 14lbs in weight by the time they reach their 50s. If this is you, maybe just a few small changes to your food choices and a positive mindset towards trying new foods and gentle exercise will improve your overall health. My advice is just to focus for a few weeks on what you eat, make a note or keep a food diary for three days including one day at the weekend. This will help you to focus and become more conscious of what you do eat and how often. The goal is to help move you towards a healthier, happier quality of life, not just for you but also those around you. It’s your life and your responsibility to enjoy it..

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