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Enjoy the Perfect Plate when eating out can be easy to do with some planning and guidance.  When it’s time to enjoy the sunshine continuing to eat good nutrition is important as we can all still make good food choices when eating out in a restaurant, outdoors on the BBQ or when socialising with family and friends.

However quite often when watching what you are eating, or ‘on a Diet’ the thought of eating out can bring you out in hives. ‘OMG what am I going to eat?’  You don’t want to eat what you normally have because you will put on weight and the last time you felt tired, got a stomach ache and really did not enjoy it in the end.

Do not want to make a fuss

Many clients mention that they do not want to seem fussy and someone to make comments about what they choose? More often the biggest fear is if you choose the chicken salad and it is horrible or boring you will be miserable as you deserve a treat and everyone else is having burger & chips which looks delicious? It’s important to remember how hard you have worked all week and yes you want to enjoy your leisure time with friends but fear of what the server thinks when you order something off the menu is something you need to get over, as they really do not care! Because you deserve to enjoy eating out and relaxing with your friends and still have a good night sleep, wake up in the morning and fit into those skinny jeans tomorrow.

How important is your health?

What you need to do is decide what is important? How do you want to feel during the evening, when you get home and then the next day? What are you going to wear? Is this important, does it really matter or do you want to feel comfortable and confident in what you choose? Who are the friends you are going out with, do you really care what they think about what you eat, do they just want to see you or do they want to judge what you are eating?

Start again on Monday!

Yes you could just blow it, it’s only one meal cannot really do much harm? Or can it, if its Friday night will the ‘sod it’ mentally carry forward on to Saturday and then by Sunday evening you are eating your way through a chocolate bar or apple crumble saying, I’ll start again Monday? To make changes to need to do one thing differently. Try starting with a few of these and see how you get on:-

  • Eat breakfast & lunch on the day you are going out? Stops you from overeating in the evenings.
  • Go online and check out the menu before you go, get familiar with your options
  • Put your best frock on: wear something that you love and fits you well, don’t set out feeling uncomfortable it will not end well
  • When you first arrive order a large glass of water & soda & lime, you can have a glass of wine later.
  • Order your meal sober, it really does make a difference. Tell your friends you are thirsty and DO NOT say, I’ll just have a water’ says, ‘ooh I am so thirsty, I’ll start with a water please’
  • Look at the smaller plates or starters, consider a starter with extra side salad and vegetables. Mix & match pick things that are on the menu and make then suit you.
  • Ask them to replace the starchy element with more vegetable or salad, rice or potatoes, because if they arrive on your plate you will eat them.
  • Share a bowl chips with your friends or just pinch one if you don’t want to feel left out

Portion Size

When away from the home we tend to eat more, my advice is to understand the portion size of each food type, and be clear on what are leafy green vegetables and understand which ones are the starchy carbohydrates, as they need to be measured? Pick your protein and enjoy the essential fatty acids.

It essential to know how much of each should you be having to ensure that you enjoy your meal and it tastes good too.

My 5 top tips for enjoying the eating out

  1. Keep the salad simple & colourful, aviod adding croutons, cheese, bacon etc.. all adds up to nothing but stored fat
  2. Water, make it taste nice, add lemon, limes, cucumber, strawberries enjoy Sparking Water & Ice
  3. Choose just one meat or fish, yes its just protein but that does convert to body fat too
  4. Pick your favourite: Glass of wine or sweet potato chips? You really do not need both
  5. Eggs & Avocado for breakfast when feeling a little delicate the next day..

Further top tips when eating out or planning your week


  • Be mindful of meal times, plan them (5 hours apart)
  • Measure your portion sizes – when you can
  • Relax and enjoy your meal
  • Menu Plan 3-5 days in advance
  • Make a shopping list Organic fruits & vegetables
  • Take ownership of your food choices, it’s your waistline and health!
  • Enjoy starchy carb vegetables rather than bread
  • Vary your proteins throughout the week Pulses, such as chickpeas and lentils in a Curry, Mushrooms and Fish.

For more information on Metabolic Balance visit my website and follow my client Debbie Wattis blog on her journey to losing weight for the last time..

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