Lady's cheek with large open pores How to solve the problem of open pores and thick skin.

Do you suffer from open pores and thick skin?

Everyone’s skin contains millions of pores as each pore is actually a tiny hair follicle that also contains a sebaceous gland that makes an oil known as sebum that protects our skin by waterproofing it and keeping it lubricated. Many of these pores are very tiny and difficult to be seen by the human eye, but sometimes we can notice pores that have become enlarged, particularly on the cheeks, nose and forehead. On our chin area, these pores are often characterised by a bumpy texture that resembles orange peel and this skin can appear to be thickened. According to a recent survey of 2000 women, 45% of women would change their pore size if they could and a third find pore size more of a worry than wrinkles, so you are not alone in your quest for improvement in this area.

What causes our pores to become enlarged?

As with many skin issues, genetics can play a part in how our skin looks but there are certain factors that affect the appearance of our skin, especially when it comes down to our pores. Oily and ageing skin are especially susceptible to enlarged pores as is skin that has been exposed to many years of sunlight. Open pores can become clogged or blocked with excess oil, skin debris and dirt from exposure to the environment which in turn can lead to spots and blackheads as well as making the pores more noticeable and leaving the skin with a dull, dry appearance.

How can we improve the appearance of open pores and orange peel chin?

Firstly we can take a look at our environmental factors and diet as these can play a significant role in helping reduce the appearance of these enlarged pores as well as help prevent them from becoming clogged and infected. Avoiding exposure to UV Rays is absolutely essential as the UV rays weaken the collagen that supports your pores which gives them an enlarged appearance. Hormones can also play a large part in the appearance of our pores. During your menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause, hormone levels change which can have a direct effect on the appearance of your skin. Diet can also affect the appearance of open pores and orange peel chin. Avoiding refined carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fats can all aid the improvement in the appearance of our skin as can increase our intake of essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

What treatments can I do to help reduce these pores and improve the appearance of the skin on my chin?

Micro Skin-Needling is considered one of the safest skin rejuvenation solutions for effective treatment or enlarged pores. Needling causes microdamage to the surface of your skin which stimulates a natural healing response in your body – the result is a new production of collagen and elastin which in ageing skin will help the skin feel firmer and the pore size reduced as it will be more supported. Alternately you could consider a Biologique Recherche facelift; a facial that accelerates cell renewal, restructure, firming and hydration through exfoliation.

What products can I use?

The Biologique Recherche philosophy of skin instants means that you can match the exact products to your own personal skin condition. Their Lotion P50 has an enzymatic formula that breaks down the skin cells to encourage efficient cell turnover and regeneration as opposed to removing them aggressively through acid based products or manual exfoliation with hard particles that can damage the skin. A continued approach to improving cell turnover by using an enzyme formula lotion will, over time, help improve the skin’s appearance and texture. A process known as glycation plays a major part in skin ageing and using Biologique Recherche Sérum A-Glyca can combat this process keeping elastin and collagen fibres intact. Its antioxidant action provides the skin with essential overall protection from the effects of heat, UV Rays and pollution which can all aid in exacerbating the glycation process.

What results can I expect?

Firstly, this is a condition that can be improved, but it is never possible to make large pores smaller. Treating the skin’s structure can help it to offer more support to the pores which in turn will reduce their appearance. A combination of a course of treatments and continued home care with the Lotion P50 and Sérum A-Glyca can mean a much-improved appearance to the skin within 6 months. Combine this with UV protection and a diet that is more suited to your skin’s condition and you can maintain these improvements in the long term.

Skin Rejuvention Plan

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