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The Importance of Protein

  Importance of Protein for weight-loss Our bodies use protein to build and repair cells and tissues, and for this reason, it is often called ‘the building block of life’. Protein is an essential requirement for blood, skin, hair, nails, bones and muscles, and our bodies also use protein for vital body chemicals such as …

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Water – What is stopping you from drinking enough?

  Water  – What is stopping you from drinking enough? As adults, our bodies are made up of approximately 55-60% water, yet many of us don’t fully understand the importance of keeping hydrated. Water is essential for the health and well-being of every system within our bodies and keeps our vital organs, including the heart …

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Living with Menopause – What are your options?

Menopause, although a natural biological process, is one that that many women find difficult to cope with. The physical and emotional symptoms of menopause may range anywhere from being mildly inconvenient to extremely debilitating. Lifestyle, physical and mental wellbeing can be quite seriously disrupted as a result. The positive news is that there are many …

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Low FODMAP Diet for IBS

In our previous blog on the subject of IBS and food intolerances, we talked about how IBS is a digestive condition often caused by gut sensitivity - possibly from an infection or bacterial overgrowth – and also by sensitivities to certain foods which then lead to problems digesting those foods. In this blog, we look …

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Which foods to buy Organic

Why Choose organic fruit and vegetables? With a general trend towards healthier eating and towards diets containing more whole foods, we are also seeing organic foods becoming increasingly popular. Organic farming practices have been around for thousands of years, but production of organic foods for the mass market has been growing steadily in recent years …

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Ketone Diet – What could go so wrong?

 Ketone Diet - What could go so wrong?  It's was a beautiful hot sunny day and the weather was perfect for a morning in July @ 8 am.. It's Sunday morning and Rugby Half Marathon race day! The training program has gone well and just continues from previous runs, for example, a  long run on …

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