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Do you want to lose weight this week?

Well after this week’s consultations with my nutrition clients, these are the top 5 top tips I gave them to help lose a few more pound this week

Vamp up your Salad

Shred red & white cabbage, raw brussels sprouts, radishes & kale with chopped celery & spring onion with splash of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and tahini paste or wholegrain mustard

Rest and Digest

Eat slowly, each meal should take you approx. 10 minutes to eat. If your partner or work colleague eats slower, then you then mirror them and aim to finished together!!

Fast Nutrition

Freeze your celery, cucumber and spinach or kale and herbs pre-chopped into a sandwich bag. Add an inch of ginger and juice of half a lime with a pinch of salt for a quick and easy, super juice in the morning or as an extra with lunch. Just add water or almond milk and blitz in Nutri-Bullet for 10 seconds.


Trying something new

When trying new recipes, such as my Fennel & Mushroom soup, do it at lunch time just in case you don’t like it! As there is always your Dinner in a few hours time, so you won’t feel too disheartened and fall off plan.

Don’t give up the fight!

If you lose it early morning and eat something that’s not quite on the plan, keep the focus and get straight back on it for the next meal, not the next day. Each meal will make a difference. Just because you have overeaten at lunchtime, does not mean Dinner/Super needs to go the same way.

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