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On average we consume around 6000 calories on Christmas day, which is more than three times more than what we need and is enough to add a pound of unwanted fat. It’s important not just to be calorie conscious over the festive period but to be nutritionally aware too otherwise we risk an unwelcome hangover come January.

Tip 1: Ideally, we want to head into Christmas day in tiptop condition, so preparation is vital. Avoid the office goodies, such as sweets and chocolates. They are an unnecessary addition and will not add any value to your waistline. Just say thank you, I’ll have one later!

Tip 2: When you are staring into a box of choccies, remember the darker, the better! Dark chocolate has less sugar and more taste.

Tip 3: Pop to the gym on the way home: Make sure you keep up your daily exercise routine especially at this time of year.

Tip 4: When heading off to family parties, think about what is going to be on offer. You could have a small salad, with some cheese or some nuts before you go, so you will be less inclined to snack on breadsticks and chocolates once you are there. You could suppress the desire by taking a packet of (sugar-free) mints with you – just one mint can help you to avoid an undesirable outcome with the bowl of salted nuts!

Tip 5: The best start to Christmas Day is to eat a good healthy high fat and protein breakfast such as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Tip 6: Prepare some snacks for yourself such as veggie sticks and olives so that you are less tempted to get stuck into the crisps, peanuts and sausage rolls.

Tip 7: When you sit down for Christmas dinner, use a smaller plate if you can. Load your plate up with all the vegetables first, then the turkey and some apple or cranberry sauce before considering the stuffing, sausages and lashings of bread sauce.

Tip 8: Once you have enjoyed the main meal, get up an do the washing up and plan a cup of tea afterwards might make you feel less inclined to go for a significant portion of dessert but if you do fancy a bit of something sweet, try a small taste-sized portion. Less is more in this instance!

Tip 9: Be Drink Aware: The Christmas period is such a sociable time of year, and it is essential to join in with family gatherings and parties. Remember these people love you and want to enjoy your company it’s just about how much you can eat and drink together.

Tip 10: You can enjoy a tipple without overdoing it, trust me! Opt for red wine over white or rose, and drink water alongside your wine. Avoid sugar-laden cocktails and stick to Fever Tree – naturally sweeten tonic with your vodka and gin, or sparkling water with fresh lime also makes a good substitute. Use tall, skinny glasses instead of large or wide ones – you will feel more inclined to drink slowly. And it’s not just cocktails that can ramp-up your sugar consumption – beer, cider, orange juice and lemonade are some of the most sugary and most commonly consumed drinks but much less sweet options are available in prosecco, red wine, soda water and diet drinks.

And if you do overdo things….. It’s always good to know what is healthy hangover food: – try avocado & poached eggs which will help to balance blood sugars. If you are craving carbs, then avocado, roasted pumpkin seeds on rye sourdough toast is a better choice for your gut. Oats can also help the body replenish many of the vital minerals and vitamins lost during a drinking session, enjoy porridge with cinnamon and milled flaxseed, as this makes a great morning-after-the-night-before breakfast especially if you use coconut milk. It contains essential electrolytes such as calcium, potassium and magnesium which is very soothing for the stomach. Before you enjoy your black coffee, start your breakfast with hot fresh lemon and ginger to help cleanse your liver.

Jen’s final word: Taste it and enjoy it, Be kind to yourself, Move every day, and rest..

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