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Making Lifestyle Changes

Every year when I plan my holidays, there is always hope in the back of my mind, that I will weigh a few less lbs, be fitter, healthy and feel full of confidence in my bikini.  The reality is that the holidays always arrive just as I am feeling bigger than ever and therefore depressed about putting a bikini on and then getting dressed up every night to eat out in the heat! In the spirit of embracing making changes, I decided that I was going to do things differently this holiday, by NOT taking my white skinny jeans or the smallest tightest shorts I own.

Nothing in my suitcase will feel uncomfortable or tight at any time during my holidays. Instead of taking different sizes of clothes for later on in the holiday and hoping that they will fit, which always results in feeling depressed about the fact that I am wearing my FAT clothes. I am only going to take the clothes that reflect the heat and are comfortable while maintaining that feeling of something special.

My concern is that this is a clear sign of me getting older, but if it makes me feel happy and more confident surely that is better in the long run? Holidays are so important to everyone, and they are time to step away from the stresses of life, I find they are an excellent opportunity to reflect and take stock of what is happening in my world. I always make some notes and write down new goals.

Goal Setting for making changes

I love going on holiday, I find it is a perfect time to think about what I can do each day that will impact my health and happiness! If taking more comfortable clothing and being realistic about my style to reflect my age is this year’s change then I am going to embrace it.

What do you need to do to improve your life at home that could make you feel happier and healthier, consider yourself not the children nor your husband/wife/partner, but you? As the happier you are, the more influence this has on those loved ones around you. You may feel selfish, but it’s time to make some changes.

How the change affects those around you

There is always resistance to change, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s fascinating to see and hear how others react to your new plans and actions. I can tell you now; it won’t be the positive, supportive response you were banking on! People just don’t like change, but don’t worry they will.

Once you get going and the new actions and behaviours will become the norm and balance will become restored. You will feel happier, and very satisfied you have done and achieved something for yourself.

Here are some of the other changes I have made this year;

  • I get up each morning and enjoy my breakfast and coffee in bed!
  • At 7am I do an hour of Yoga
  • Each clinic day I take a packed lunch; made whilst coffee machine does its thing!
  • Signed up with new Personal Trainer for a fresh look at my fitness
  • Running a different route and sprinting up the hill at Draycote
  • Re-measuring my food portions and using a smaller plate

The trick is just to add one or two new actions or foods to your routine. Do you not need to re-invent the wheel, just anything that is different to what you normally do. Let me know one thing you have done or are going to do differently to make you feel happier and healthier.

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