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Liquid exfoliator from best natural anti-ageing skin care that works

Lotion P50, Lotion P50w, Lotion P50v & Lotion P50PIGM

Lotion P50, Lotion P50w, Lotion P50v and the newest version which focuses on pigmentation is Lotion P50PIGM, all work in the same way, to naturally exfoliate your skin and reduce the pH balance. Each one has individual qualities, Lotion P50w is ideal for reactive sensitive skins, Lotion P50v improves tone and Lotion P50 is perfect for combination and oily skins.

The main advantage of this product is that you can add to your existing home-care as the natural properties enhance the efficiency of any serums and face creams applied afterwards. There is no 3-stage development or issues with combining with your existing products, you can get started and enjoy rejuvenated skin within days!

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

Founded by the Allouche family in Paris, was a combination of a biologist, physiotherapist and a doctor worked together with the passion and determination to become visionaries in the history of skincare. Over forty years ago their research and development laboratory developed the formulation of concentrated active ingredients with innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures for individual result-based treatments and skincare.

The foundation of their success came from the formulation of the famous Lotion P50. Which was one of the first enzymatic formulas that break down the skin cells to encourage cell turnover and regeneration rather than removing them aggressively with acid or hard particles. With the further introduction of essential, specific and intensive creams, which contain fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 & 9, Hyaluronic acid and natural amino acids. Complimented the full range of quintessential serums, some containing Marine Collagen extract and Cellular Oligopeptide the overall skincare regime continues to grow.


Buy Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

To buy Lotion p50 online, you first need to complete the request form. On completion, you will receive a link to purchase your Lotion P50.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 [FAQs]

How much does biologique recherche p50 cost?

The cost of lotion p50 can not be displayed online as the owners of the famous product [Bioloqiue Recherche] request that the liquid exfoliator is only available via authorised stockiest. This is why it can be difficult to get your hands on as not available on the high street, apart from Liberty department store in London and online via Jen Adams - Your Skin Expert  Buy Lotion P50 | Order Form

How often should I use Lotion P50?

Maximum twice per day - morning and evening. On clean skin; it is recommended to clean your skin using cleansing milk to remove any initial makeup and grim. However, if you do not wear makeup then once per day is also sufficient for the product to naturally exfoliate your skin.

What does p50 do for your skin?

Lotion p50 naturally exfoliates your skin and optimises the pH of your skin to enhance the active ingredient of any further serums and creams. Any of the lotion p50 range has the basic function of a peel [facial] each day to encourage your skin cells to renew twice within 50 days. Hence the p50 name.

What is Biologique Recherche P50?

The Biologique Recherche Lotion p50 is a liquid exfoliator that naturally regulates the pH level of the skin without physically scrubbing or rubbing the skin. The formulation uses a complex blend of hydroxy acids that enhances skin cell renewal rates for advanced anti-ageing properties that balance sebum regulation, address dehydration and pigmentation within days.  

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