Boost Your Metabolism

Learn how to boost your metabolism

Learn how to boost
your metabolism to lose weight

Are you struggling to lose weight
and worried about your metabolic health?

It’s a fact – when we reach the age of 40, our metabolism slows down and it’s harder to lose weight. You may have noticed that even if you’re eating well and exercising regularly, you’re still getting thicker around the middle and finding that your clothes are uncomfortably tight.

Do you constantly deprive yourself of the food you want? Do you ever wonder why there are so many different diets that all claim they work, but they never seem to work for you?

If you’re exercising and doing your recommended number of steps each day yet you’re still gaining weight, it’s likely that your metabolic pathways are under stress.

The good news is I can help you! If you understand how your metabolic pathways cope with the stress you put them under each and every day and what you can do to reset them, you can improve your metabolic health and lose weight into the bargain.

How to RESET Your Metabolism

You can reset your metabolism and start to burn body fat without counting calories, fasting or following a keto diet.. Learn more about what causes our bodies to store calories fat rather than burning them off for energy

  • Balance Your Blood Sugars

    Learn why this is the most important principle when looking to reset your metabolism to lose weight

  • Cleansing Your Liver

    Our liver function is not just about detoxing, your liver function is essential in metabolising energy

  • Improving Gut Function

    What you eat and how you gut absorbs the nutrients from the food you eat is essential for your metabolic and skin health

Learn How To Boost Your Metabolism

Learn HOW to Naturally Boost
Your Metabolism

Read more about the THREE most important metabolic pathways to reset your metabolism for those who are struggling to lose weight

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

During my ten years as a registered nutrition therapist, I’ve discovered how to help people boost their metabolism after 40 and lose weight easily.

My clients have successfully lost weight and seen other benefits – they feel more energetic, they’ve lost those aches and pains and they’re enjoying more restful sleep.

It’s all down to restoring the balance of our metabolic pathways and changing our habits so we can look after our liver, our blood sugar hormones and our gut flora. Together they are the most important reasons we don’t lose the weight we want to after the age of 40.

When you understand how they work, you can learn how to lose weight and drop body fat from where you want. You can improve your metabolic health age AND maintain your weight loss long-term!

Why Improve Your Metabolism

It’s all much easier when we’re in our 20s. A few light days, a bit of extra exercise – and bingo, you can lose weight pretty easily. Unfortunately, as we get older our metabolic process slows down, as well as gaining weight and fat around the middle, we also start to feel aches and pains and suffer from minor health conditions. Our sleeping pattern is disrupted, we feel tired in the afternoons, we may have IBS, bloating and heartburn.

These aren’t just natural ageing symptoms, they’re indicators that we need to reset our metabolic pathways.

Meet Katherine, one of my nutrition clients

Katherine is a classic menopause client. When she was in her late 40s, her shape started to change. She believed she had a good diet, didn’t drink wine every night and enjoyed ‘balanced’ meals of meat and two vegs, yet she started to gain weight around the bra area.

As she approached menopause, her back started getting bigger, but her legs were still thin – she started covering her top half up with floaty blouses and oversized shirts, but then her tummy started getting bigger too. Katherine was a busy nurse, working full-time and travelling a lot. She usually missed breakfast and felt that this would keep the calories down but it just wasn’t working.

With my help, Katherine lost 17 lbs in 12 weeks. She went from 42% body fat to less than 35% and reduced her metabolic health age from 74 to 47 years. Then menopause came and went, and today she wears slim, fitted jackets with skinny jeans. She looks fabulous and feels much healthier!

Once Katherine understood the functional nutrition approach to weight loss, she was able to reset her metabolism so that she could burn fat and lose weight

Learn How To Boost Your Metabolism

Learn how to boost your metabolism

The guide is completely free and will help you understand how to reset your metabolic health and end yo-yo dieting for ever.

It’s a simple, effective and clear approach to understanding what affects your metabolic pathways and why it becomes harder to lose weight as we get older.

You’ll learn how our bodies store and burn energy, and why fat is stored around the middle as we get older.

You’ll learn about the three functional nutrition pathways that are essential for long-term weight loss, particularly over the age of 40.

You’ll find out why these three metabolic pathways are the key to healthy weight loss.

And you’ll understand how they also affect our health as we get older, causing conditions like bloating, fatigue, high blood pressure, arthritis and IBS – and how we can improve them.

The information in my free e-book will help you understand how resetting your metabolic pathways can help you lose weight – and keep it off long-term.

Meet Paul - Success Story

Paul took my advice and reduced his metabolic age by 15 years

When I met Paul, his eating habits were fairly typical of some of the clients I see. He was fasting regularly and while he’d previously lost 3 stone, he was now back up to 16 stone and was carrying a lot of weight around his middle. He wasn’t sure why he’d put the weight back on, and so quickly, but he had a target figure of 12st 10lbs in mind.

He exercised daily and often walked up to 15,000 steps. He ate natural, home-cooked foods but his cholesterol was 9.0 uoml (ideally it should be less than 5) and his body fat was 25% when ideally it should have been 15% or less.

When he took my metabolic age quiz, he also found that his metabolic age was 20 years older than his actual age.

After six weeks of following the metabolic diet plan and understanding what he’d been doing wrong, he lost 2 stone and reduced his metabolic health age by 15 years.

It’s important that you learn what’s happening in your body before you spend another penny on diet plans or calorie-counting recipe books. You need to learn more about your metabolic health before you try to lose any weight, otherwise you’ll fail – or put it back on within weeks.

My e-book is completely free so there’s literally nothing to lose. But you will gain a deeper understanding of how your body works, why your metabolism slows down as you get older, and how you can reset it so that you can start to burn fat, lose weight and improve your health.


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