Body Contouring

 Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

This truly safe non-invasive body contouring alternative to surgical nip & tuck or liposuction

HIFU - High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments are a MUST have for anyone who is looking to remove pockets of fat, tighten skin or address cellulite, especially after weight loss, or as we naturally mature.

The focused energy penetrates into the skin and creates a disruption to the fat cells, and an inflammation response the heat. This results in instant firmness that you can NOT achieve from dieting and exercise alone. The most common areas treated and show the most optimum results include the tummy, flanks, inside legs for body contouring, and skin tightening is good on the backs of the arm, hips, above the knee and ankles.

The number of fat cells you have in your body is decided when we are teenagers. If you gain or lose weight, your fat cells just get larger or smaller. It is important to understand that if you need to lose weight, these treatments will not help you.

How Does Hifu Work? 

  • HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound, the combined power of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency disrupts the fat cells and generates skin rejuvenation on pockets of fat and uneven skin tone.
  • The focused energy penetrates to varying depths to destroy the subcutaneous fatty tissue, which reacts by naturally disposing of stored energy from the stubborn fat cells to your liver and muscle which is then metabolised as an energy source.
  • Temperatures up to 75°c are achieved within the cells to promote an instant inflammatory response, this stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for the skin tightening.
  • Results are seen within hours and develop over weeks; as your body naturally metabolises the energy released from your fat cells, combined with the continued collagen production, you will see and feel tighter, smooth and toned skin long term.

Which Areas can be treated with HIFU? 

As we all want different things from our treatments each protocol is individually design with you and your goals in mind, however, a guide is often helpful. Small: Skin Tightening is more often inside legs, or arms, Medium: Body Contouring  would be your tummy, flanks or outside legs and Large: Cellulite or Legs would be a combination of those, so Legs, inside and out, or tummy and flanks,

Small  - HIFU
Medium - HIFU
Large - HIFU

What Causes Body Fat Pockets? 

Body fat accumulates in certain areas of our bodies that are decided by your hormones, so if you are feeling a little stressed and eat a high carbohydrate diet, you will deposit your fat around your middle. If feeling menopausal then you are more likely to feel an increase in your bottom/thighs and the back of arms due to your estrogen imbalance & thyroid malfunction.

Why choose HIFU instead of Liposuction? 

Apart from the cost of your hospital bed (Approx £3,000), the risk of an operation and high plastic surgeon fees, the pain and the time to recover will impact your life for up to six months or more.

The advantages of HIFU treatments compared to liposuction is the trauma of physically removing the fat cells can cause dimpling and cavitation dips in the treated areas.  Initially, your body will respond with plumping and look smooth as the swelling and bruising comes out. You will be very tender quite a while: After about 6-12 months as the results begin to develop clients report dimples on the skin where the fat cells have been removed.

HIFU is an on-skin in clinic treatment, the energy is penetrated deep into the skin and the fat cells react to the high energy and are destroyed evenly over the treatment area. It is important to concentrate treatment areas as the depth of energy will also determine the stimulation collagen and elastin production which enables HIFU to destroy fat cells and skin tighten, unlike liposuction.

How many are HIFU Treatments required?

For the body contouring treatments, such as fat deposits, skin tightening and cellulite, up to 3 treatment per area will give you the optimum result. It's important to be patient with HIFU treatments.

After having worked with Radio Frequency and Cavitation treatments over the last five years, doing weekly treatments and seeing instant results have been very exciting but very time-consuming.

Previously treatment protocols have been 1 x 60-minute session per week for 6-8 weeks and yes the results are instant, however for the results to be long lasting, up to 3 courses of the intensity of treatments have been required.

Therefore the biggest advantage to HIFU is the efficiently of each treatment. For optimum results, only 3 treatments over a 12 week period. Then rest for another 12 weeks with the option to repeat the 3 treatments again if wanting more. The time to see results from HIFU can be frustrating, however worth waiting for..

Frequently Asked Questions  - Body Contouring HIFU treatments

Are the treatments safe and do they hurt?

Yes, the treatments are safe, 100% non-evasive on skin treatments

There is medium to an uncomfortable rating on Body HIFU treatments.  The pain is like prickly heat, similar to a laser treatment, which can build through the treatments. However, does not last long. 

During the treatment, the energy can be reduced to help with the comfort rating, but the more energy penetrated into the skin the more the body will react with an inflammatory response which equals firming and tightening of the skin. 

Are the results permanent?

The results will last as long as it takes for you naturally age so regular maintenance treatments are recommended but not essential.

Your skin will not sag more after the treatment you tend to just noticed it more.

On the body a treatment course of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart will enhance results. 

Which HIFU depth is right for me?

There are various depths of energy the HIFU can penetrate, this depends on your body fat and the thickness of your skin on the area you want to treat,

In your consult, the types of treatments, times and how many you will need and what will work for you based on your commitment and potential costs will be discussed before you start.

As each person is at different times of their lives, we will discuss the protocol at your consultation and on a continuous basis. Your bespoke treatment programme will be design based on your personal goals and how well your skin reacts to the treatments.

What areas do you treat?

Everywhere; but as a guide

  • Small area: Inside arms, inside legs, Bra fat
  • Medium: Tummy, flanks, outside legs
  • Large: Full tummy, inc flanks, Inside & outside legs 
Are these treatments for men and women?

Yes the treatments are suitable for both Male and Female. Its the areas of concern that will vary. 

How many sessions do I need?

Totally depends on the treatment area, how much body fat, and skin that needs tightening. Cellulite treatments more often need more than tummy fat. 

However generally 3 x treatments per body area, 1 per month with a 3-month rest before doing the same area again.

Will I feel or experience any side effects after a treatment?

There are no negative side effects to body fat reduction,  skin tightening treatments or cellulite treatments after the treatments. 

The next day and for up to 10-14days you may feel and see some internal bruising, can look worse than it feels. 

This treatment needs to be done 4 weeks before holidays 

Any bruising will reduce and you will then notice the actual firming effect around 2 weeks, this is the time it takes for your natural inflammatory response to produce the collagen and elastin in your dermis.

How long does it take before I will see a difference?

With the body treatments is can take up to 3 months to really start to notice a difference, hence the recommended rest between courses.

This is important if considering starting treatments, as you will be to plan ahead! 

Can I have a Face Treatment and HIFU Body Treatment at the same time?

Yes you can, it’s an ideal chance to improve the quality of skin at the same time as your body contouring.

It will take about 2 hours to complete both a face and body treatment, as it can be uncomfortable having a facial treatment at the same time would be a great idea

Can I have 2 Areas of Body HIFU at same time?

No: I do not recommend it: Have tried in the past and it becomes too it is too uncomfortable, therefore I do not recommend more than one body area in one session. You can always book 3 days later if you wish!

The main reason is that I want to penetrate as much energy as possible into your skin, after about 30 mins our tolerance drops so the second treatment area would not get the maximum energy for optimal results. 

The most I would do is a) Flanks & Tummy, or b) Top & Bottom Tummy or c) Inside/Outside Legs which is a 60 minute treatment


Want to know more?

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