Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting Non-Surgical Treatments?

Cryolipolysis and fat freezing combined with High-Intensity UltraSound [HIFU Body] treatments


Body Sculpting Plan

Reduce tummy fat with the best body sculpting treatments with my body sculpting treatment plan to reduce belly fat combined with skin tightening ultrasound for that overall non-surgical body sculpting to give you confidence and feel fabulous and ready for your holidays.

Feel Fabulous in your Bikini

Quick Results - Just One Treatment

Lose Inches - Guaranteed!

Ideal for Tummy Fat Reduction

Body Sculpting Treatment Plan

This 3-step plan actively breaks down fat and tightens the skin around the area to give long-lasting results. It’s excellent for wobbly tummies, love handles, stretchmarks and active fat.

The body sculpting plan, which includes one fat-freezing treatment and two HIFU Body contouring treatment sessions within a 12-week period, is non-invasive, painless and has no side effects.

Fat-freezing is so effective that you’ll notice the difference within days. It’s fat reduction without surgery!

Fat freezing effectively targets pockets of tummy fat and freezes the cells which destroy them. It’s non-invasive, painless and completely safe. 

Fat-freezing is really effective if you’ve lost some weight but your tummy feels loose or wobbly, or if you’re happy with your weight and just want to shed some pockets of fat in certain areas.

It effectively reduces the volume of fat you’re carrying and makes you more comfortable and confident in your clothes.

It takes around an hour and you’ll see and feel the difference within two weeks after just one treatment. Full results will be visible in 12 weeks.

What is Body Sculpting Plan?

Recommend Treatment Package:  3 body contouring treatment from as little as £225 per month [£675 - lump sum] 

You can buy individual sessions of fat freezing and HIFU body treatment, but the most cost-effective way of removing or reducing areas of fat is to have a targeted program of both over a course of 12-Weeks

What are the benefits of your 3-Step Body Sculpting Plan?

My 3-step body sculpting plan actively breaks down fat and tightens the skin around it. It’s really effective on wobbly tummies, love handles and other areas of active fat and will help you feel lighter and more comfortable in your clothes.

How do the 3 steps work together?

Fat-freezing [Cryolipolysis] targets pockets of fat and freezes them, then destroys them. Then two sessions of HIFU Body further destroy fat cells and tighten the skin giving visibly smoother, more contoured results. My 3-step body sculpting plan reduces the volume of fat you’re carrying – you’ll really feel the difference.

Body Sculpting [FAQs]

How much does it cost for body sculpting?

Body Sculpting treatments start from £195 for a single fat-freezing and can be up to £295 for dual areas. Other body sculpting treatments such as HIFU Body cost more as can cover larger areas. Small areas start from £295 up to £495 for tummy fat and £695 for legs as that is two areas. 

Are body sculpting treatments safe?

Yes, consultation health questionnaires will ensure you can have the treatment and safe to do so. The energy that breaks down the fat cells and causes inflammatory response for skin tightening are all on-skin therefore non-invasive.

What is the best non surgical fat removal?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound [HIFU] is the most efficient, safe and affordable way to reduce tummy fat within one treatment and minimal courses treatments required. 

Will I lose weight with body sculpting treatments?

No, It reduces the volume of fat you’re carrying – it won’t help you lose weight, but you will see and feel a difference and gain confidence in your body shape.

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