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Intermittent fasting: Is it the solution for fast weight loss?

Intermittent fasting for Weight Loss? Intermittent fasting is an ancient system of withdrawing from food for a while, which can bring a range of health benefits that go way beyond weight loss. Centuries ago people used to fast regularly, not to lose weight thou, it was mostly due to it being harder to come by …

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Himalayan Pink Salt – Is it good for you?

Himalayan Pink Salt – Is it good for you? If you’ve decided to make better food choices you’ll have found that there’s lots of advice out there – and plenty of people suggesting some new food or supplements that will revolutionise the way you look and feel. Himalayan Pink salt is, I think, one of …

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How to Prevent Fine Lines and Wrinkles

How to prevent fine lines and wrinkles   Fine lines and wrinkles usually make their first appearance around the eyes and mouth during our 30s. By the time we reach our 40s, most of us are pretty keen to slow these signs of ageing. Here are ways to can help to treat and prevent fine …

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Embracing the Change

Making Lifestyle Changes Every year when I plan my holidays, there is always hope in the back of my mind, that I will weigh a few less lbs, be fitter, healthy and feel full of confidence in my bikini.  The reality is that the holidays always arrive just as I am feeling bigger than ever …

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Who should give you Nutrition Advice?

  Who should give Nutrition Advice?   Who should you go to seek weight-loss & nutrition advice?  There is so much information available on our phones and social media about the new perfect diet, fasting, balancing your blood sugars, a wellness health plan or the simple balanced diet. It all seems to have become quite …

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Eating out Guide – Balanced Diet

Eating out Guide – Balance Diet   Enjoy the Perfect Plate when eating out can be easy to do with some planning and guidance.  When it’s time to enjoy the sunshine continuing to eat good nutrition is important as we can all still make good food choices when eating out in a restaurant, outdoors on the BBQ or …

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