Natural Skin Care

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The condition of your skin changes during the course of your lifetime but did you know it changes numerous times in a single day? Biologique Recherche call this your ‘skin instant.’

Your ‘Skin instant can change dramatically throughout the course of a day, a week, each season or every year. External factors such as: climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco and pollution as well as internal factors like stress; hormones, nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and natural ageing all impact your skin and your ‘skin instant’. It makes sense therefore to care for your skin to enable the largest organ in your body the chance to glow with youth and vitality and for you to feel confident.

What is your current skincare regime?

  1. Has your skin changed recently?
  2. Are you unsure what to do next?
  3. Do you struggle with your current skin care regime and feel a little lost as to what is right for you and your skin?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions the next question you need to ask yourself is where can you go to get the right answers?

What are your options?

  • a) ask Dr Google
  • b) ask a beauty concession at your local department store
  • c) discuss with your beauty therapist
  • d) ask Jen

Let me help you - Clinical Experience

The answer is d! Why don’t you come in for a consultation? I can provide all the answers to your skin concerns and help you with any health issues which might be impacting your skin and general well-being. I understand that often you might think would this or that question be too silly to ask? No, has to be the answer. Over the years, I have treated many clients who have benefited enormously because they have got the answers in terms of nutrition, health or skin care – so don’t be afraid to ask me…

Any skin, health or hormonal condition can be addressed by combining nutrition therapy advice with natural skin care products and treatments. However, the most difficult step for you now is where to start and how? Do you go and see your doctor, discuss with your beauty therapist or Ask Jen? I will leave it with you.

Your  Skin Instants®  - Biologique Recherche Treatments.

All Biologique Recherche face treatments are tailored to suit your unique Skin Instants®, by focusing on replenishing what your skin needs, this means the products used are prescribed to your as trained by Biologique Recherche. The skin treatments include a neck, face and head massage, boosters, masks, serums, creams and finishing serums depending on your skin.

Smoothing, Hydrating and Regenerating

Suitable for all and highly recommended for dehydrated, sensitive Skin Instants®, stimulate the skin’s natural defence system by working in harmony with the lymphatic and circulatory system. An excellent anti-stress treatment that will leave your skin feeling stress-free, reconditioned and glowing.

Natural lift, Re-balancing and Nourishing

Recommended for normal to seborrheic Skin Instants®, The ultimate facial to accelerate cell renewal, restructure, firm, hydrate and protect against exterior aggressions using manual exfoliation. A natural face lift that stimulates epidermal reconstruction to make instantly you feel youthful, energised and toned.

Plumping, Brightening and Toning

Recommended for dull, devitalised Skin Instants®, This is all about plumping, revitalising and protecting the elasticity of the skin thanks to its antioxidants level. A treatment using vibratory massage technique that will leave your skin feel smoother, brighter and your facial contours plumed and redefined

Watch this video of a Skin Treatment - Biologique Recherche products

Skin Treatments

Using on-skin advanced technology to stimulate your natural inflammatory response my skin treatments leave your skin instantly smooth, tight and lifted.

HIFU - Face is a non-invasive alternative to a surgical face-lift, ideal to tighten your neck, jawline and around the eye area. 

Micro-Skin Needling is considered one of the simplest skin rejuvenation solutions for treating of all skin concerns: acne, scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles and tone. 

One treatment will give fabulous results, my advice thou is regular consistent treatments for optimal results.  My Skin Gym is for those of you who are committed to their skin treatments each month. 

Body Contouring

Body - HIFU

Are you happy with your weight and nutrition?  If so, have a look at my Body Contouring and Skin Tightening treatments. These treatments will NOT help you lose any weight, but they will give you a boost in confidence and help you feel confident happy in your skin. 

HIFU - High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is from a medical grade aesthetic machine called Ultraformer III, which provides the same result with one treatment as six treatments of  3d-Lipo: cavitation, ultrasound or Cyrolipolysis treatments!

Natural Skin Care

Improving the structure and quality of your skin cells are integral to your anti-ageing treatment protocol. Biologique Recherche's vision for skin-care is to focus on authenticity and performance as their products have the highest level of raw, active ingredients.  Combine these with the unique treatment protocols the face treatment is an experience you will never want to forget. 

I combine this sensational natural skin-care with Micro Skin-Needling and HIFU to improve your skin texture and tone. After just one treatment you will look and feel younger naturally. 

As a recognized stockist of Biologique Recherche - Lotion P50 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. You can purchase the famous Lotion P50 directly from me.