Biologique Recherche Facial

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This facial treatment includes skin peeling, exfoliation similar to micro-dermabrasion, lifting and hydrating for skin tightening. I use the best anti-wrinkle creams and serums for an overall natural skin care treatment.

Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment

Hydrates, brightens and lifts

Long-lasting results [4 weeks]

Improves skin tone [guaranteed]

Skin Health Expert advice

Biologique Recherche Natural Skin Care

The Biologique Recherche Facial is, in my opinion, the best anti-ageing facial you can have. It’s the first step in my 3-step Skin Rejuvenation Plan but you can still reap the many benefits if you choose the facial on its own.

I use Biologique Recherche products including their legendary Lotion P50 which naturally exfoliates and restores the pH levels of your skin. It enhances the active ingredients of the serums and creams, allowing them to recondition the epidermis and help it to regenerate.

Best Facial Skin Treatment for Instant Long Lasting Results

What to expect during your facial

After a full assessment, I’ll cleanse and balance your skin, then gently exfoliate to remove impurities and dead cells. More mature skin may need stronger exfoliation techniques to regenerate the tone and smooth away pigmentation.

I’ll use a cold treatment that works naturally with a face-lift massage technique to give immediate and often dramatic results.

Biologique Recherche Skin Care Facial

My skin facial treatments using Biologique Recherche natural skin care brightens and tightens, lifts, hydrates and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It’s ideal for skin that’s starting to show the first signs of ageing, but is effective however old you are.

Facial skin care products

I have a choice of boosters I can use – each one targets a specific issue like lymphatic drainage, cell renewal, anti-stress or plumping and revitalising. I’ll pick one, or a combination, that’s right for you – some include vibratory massage techniques, all will leave your skin smoother, brighter and more defined.

How much does a Biologique Recherche Facial cost?

All Biologique Recherche facial skin treatments are tailored to suit your unique skin, by focusing on replenishing what your skin needs, this means the products used are prescribed to your skin. Within your first treatment, together we will discuss your skin concerns and goals your skin rejuvenation plan, which is a 12-week recommended a skin treatment plan which starts with the Biologique Recherche Facial - perfect for hydrating and brightening your skin instantly.

Biologique Recherche Facial

Skin facial product only treatment - includes cleansing, facial massage, exfoliation, booster, masks, serums and creams (75mins) - £195

Skin Rejuvenation Plan

Skin Rejuvenation Plan is the essential positive pro-aging skin treatment protocol for all skin concerns.

With combination epidermal techniques, mesotherapy and advanced needling treatments nano soft [Fillmed] NCTF135 Serums and Skin Perfusion products for hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles that improve your skin health [cellular ageing] to a level - which can not be achieved from high-street facials or even advanced take-home skincare.

Your skin will firmer, hydrated, and brighter instantly from the first treatment. Further treatments enhance the skin cell-turner and encourage firmer younger-looking skin with the 12 week treatment plan. 

Biologique Recherche Facial [FAQs]

How does a Biologique Recherche facial work?

A Biologique Recherche Facial balances the pH of your skin by peeling and exfoliation techniques that are similar to micro-dermabrasion. It lifts and hydrates to tighten and firm your skin. Anti-ageing creams and serums give a natural skin care treatment with visible results.

What are the benefits of a Biologique Recherche Facial?

A Biologique Recherche Facial removes dead skin cells thoroughly, brightening the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The nutrient-rich serums and creams target specific issues and the result is skin that’s lifted, hydrated and younger-looking.

What are the best anti-ageing tips?

You can improve your skin by regularly exfoliating with a good chemical exfoliator. You can also help your skin to naturally build collagen by having treatments that trigger an inflammatory response.

It also helps if you keep your skin hydrated and give it the right combination of vitamins and minerals, either in food supplements or by using serums and creams.


What is a skin rejuvenation treatment?

There is a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments you can choose from. A skin rejuvenating facial uses active ingredients in the form of chemical exfoliants, serums, and creams to replenish the skin.

And you’ll see excellent results with micro-needling and mesotherapy. Both are skin rejuvenation treatments that use needles to trigger an inflammatory response and stimulate the production of collagen. Micro-needling is possibly the most effective non-surgical anti-ageing treatment you can have.

How can I make my skin look younger?

You can improve your skin and help to keep it looking younger by regularly exfoliating with a good chemical exfoliator.

Taking hyaluronic acid or applying it topically helps it to attract and retain moisture and you can also have anti-ageing treatments like mesotherapy and micro-needling – both trigger an inflammatory response that stimulates the natural production of collagen.

Why do I need a facial every month?

A Biologique Recherche Facial will improve the condition of your skin each time and the effects can be cumulative. It removes dead skin cells to brighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, then replenishes lost nutrients for a younger, fresher look.

Do Biologique Recherche products really work?

I swear by them. They’re of the highest quality and contain raw, active ingredients. I use Lotion P50, a chemical exfoliator that sloughs off the dead skin cells, then a mixture of nutrient-rich serums and creams to plump, de-stress and revitalise the skin. I promise – your skin will look smoother, brighter and more defined after a Biologique Recherche facial.

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