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Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment

Natural Skin Care for Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment

Your skin changes dramatically throughout the course of the day, a week, each season and every year. External factors such as; climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco and pollution. Internal factors like; stress, hormones, nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and natural ageing all impact the quality of your skin. We all know to care for our skin with face cream, as a reflection of our overall health and wellness. However, have you been using the same skin care anti-wrinkles cream for over 10 years and now wonder if you need something a little more active? If so what and who can you ask for advice?

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What is a Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment?

Here is a video of an anti-ageing skin facial using Biologique Recherche skin care, this treatment includes skin peeling, exfoliation similar to microdermabrasion, lifting and hydrating for skin tightening. Using the best anti-wrinkle creams and serums for an overall natural skin care treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation Plan

Get in touch and tell me about your skin concerns and issues, let me tell you about the Skin Rejuvenation Plan which is a 12-week recommended treatment plan which starts with a Biologique Recherche Facial - perfect for hydrating and brightening your skin instantly

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care from Biologique Recherche

As we naturally age the simple fact is that we will lose collagen and elastin from our bodies, especially our skin. To prevent accelerated aging from the external and internal factors our skin requires higher levels of hydration, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and lipids (fats) as we age. Whilst our skin has the capacity to naturally metabolise these ingredients from the food we eat, it is also designed to protect and keep certain toxic or synthetic ingredients out of the body. Therefore our skin needs help and support to absorb and metabolise the required higher levels of essential ingredients. It is important the quality of the anti-aging skin care products are natural, raw and active to maintain skin cell strength and integrity. Combined with monthly facials to stimulate your natural inflammatory response to encourage collagen and elastin production.

Biologique Recherche The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Biologique Recherche is my chosen natural skin care range, as it boasts only high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts. More commonly over 20% that is similar to Pharmaceutical grade skin care ranges, however due to natural components of the ingredients, they market themselves as cosmeceutical level of skin care.

The foundation of Biologique Recherche's success came from the formulation of the P50 Lotion. Which was one of the first enzymatic formulas that break down the skin cells to encourage cell turnover and regeneration by reducing the pH of the skin rather than removing them aggressively with acid or hard particles?

All the products contain the highest quality of pure & raw active ingredients with authenticity and harmony as the spirit and essence of each product. There are no artificial fragrances due to the high level of active ingredients, which lowers the chance of allergic reactions to the ingredients.

Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment

All Biologique Recherche facial skin treatments are tailored to suit your unique Skin Instants®, by focusing on replenishing what your skin needs, this means the products used are prescribed to your skin. The Biologique Recherche facial treatments follow a 3-stage process which includes a neck, face and head massage, the treatment boosters, masks, serums, creams and finishing serums. Within your first treatment, we will complete your skin instant® consultation together and discuss your skin and goals, a take-home and Jen's Skin Gym protocol but is not compulsory.

Assessment Stage - 1

Specific physiological, behavioural approach as you are all individual. Jen will asses your skin and provide the most appropriated tailored protocol for you and exclusive to your skin needs.

Initialisation Stage - 2

Preparation & cleanse to restore epidermis and natural regeneration, balance the pH and gently exfoliate to remove impurities and dead cells preparing the skin for the treatment stage.

The cold treatment protocol ensures that the natural face-lift massage & cleansing techniques work synergistically for immediate dramatic results.

Treatment Stage - 3

The most active phase of the treatment, moisturise, stimulate, revitalise, beautify and protect the skin with the highest concentrations of active ingredients. The goal is to recondition the epidermis and help activate both its regeneration properties and the skins deeper structures for long-lasting results.

Smoothing creams contain fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 & 9, hyaluronic acid and natural amino acids, applied using stroking and sculpting massage movements. Ideal for skins that are starting to show the first signs of ageing.

The more keratinized and mature skin will need a stronger exfoliation and stimulation to regenerate the tone of the skin, smoothes wrinkles & fine lines and reduces pigmentation marks. Fruit acid and natural moisturising factors (NMF) will stimulate the cell strength and renewal to provide a brightening effect. It is ideally combined with mesotherapy or within 2 weeks after the micro skin-needling treatment for the long-lasting anti-ageing solution.

BR-Anti-ageing 3R Serum
Skin Care Products

Biologique Recherche - Facial Treatment Boosters

Sion Restructurant et Lissant

Smoothing, Hydrating and Regenerating suitable for all and highly recommended for dehydrated, sensitive Skin Instants®, stimulate the skin’s natural defence system by working in harmony with the lymphatic and circulatory system. An excellent anti-stress treatment that will leave your skin feeling stress-free, reconditioned and glowing.

Sion Lift CVS

Natural lift, Re-balancing and Nourishing recommended for normal to seborrheic Skin Instants®, The ultimate facial to accelerate cell renewal, restructure, firm, hydrate and protect against exterior aggressions using manual exfoliation. A natural face lift that stimulates epidermal reconstruction to make instantly you feel youthful, energised and toned.

Sion Lotion MC110

Plumping, Brightening and Toning recommended for dull, devitalised Skin Instants®, This is all about plumping, revitalising and protecting the elasticity of the skin thanks to its antioxidants level. A treatment using vibratory massage technique that will leave your skin feel smoother, brighter and your facial contours plumed and redefined

The key message here is that everyone's skin is different and your facial needs will vary. As your Skin Expert, each Biologique Recherche skin treatment will be based on one of the above boosters that reflect your skin needs on the day of your treatment. You do not need to decide which booster is right for you, as you may end up with a blend of all three!

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